Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Update 2

By now you've all read John P. McCann's derisive, pernicious and WOEFULLY INADEQUATE response to my post in which I respectfully asked him to clarify his position on making.

Not only did Mr. McCann NOT answer the question, but attempted to turn the TABLES on ME by SUGGESTING that I was being PAID by the FAT CATS and SPECIAL INTERESTS in WASHINGTON! The foes of making have once again sunk to a new low!

Tomorrow I shall prove conclusively and with much certainty that the Foes Of Making have sought to undermine the American concept of making and are secretly doing this behind closed doors!


  1. If it's a clear glass closed door does that still count?

  2. A Question About Shadows: I measured the shadows cast by the two heads from the picture at the top of your blog. The slopes of the shadows appear to differ by what I think is a significant amount, one being 2.10 and the other slope 2.32, and I was wondering what would account for this, as it appears that an identical set of twin teenage boys with identical shirts posed for the picture. Could this possibly have anything to do with the Kennedy Assassination?

  3. Is this beef between you two equivalent to the beef you see between east coast and west coast rappers?

  4. I'm with you on this one, Paul. Making is a very important factor and force in my life, without which my days would be far less tolerable. Making is not just a want, it's a basic need.

    I would proudly climb the highest mountain just to stand atop its mighty summit and proudly announce to the world at the top of my lungs that I have to make.

  5. Sure, anyone should be allowed to make. But perhaps there should be a making license. And a waiting period. Just to be safe. Because otherwise you never know what people will make. We've seen enough of that on the internet. The effort of getting a license will help to ensure that only serious makers will make.

    It's not that I'm opposed to makedness. If people want to get maked, that they're own business. But let's just be careful about it.