Friday, April 8, 2011

Making Update

Readers of this blog have long known of my opinion on making. And yet, curiously, fellow blogger John McCann, who I always assumed shared my views...seems to have taken a puzzling turn in the other direction. Why? I suspect the reasons but have chosen not to comment at this time.

John can clarify his views and hopefully all will be resolved. However, if he cannot or refuses, then I suppose we'll all know the reasons.

I've challenged him on this. And I think it's only fair that he thoroughly present his case on making. I had not intended to go public on the difference of opinion we share on the concept of making, but in these trying times I think it's important we know WHO is WHO.


  1. Mr. Rugg, with all due respect, I agree with John concerning this issue. Making is a special craft given to very few very individual people. It is the makers, see, that make up the sanity of society while everyone else blindly follows cliches and trends. In order to make, one must think, and understand the world.

    But in reality, human make nothing, for, we are all dependent on a higher power who is a real maker.

  2. What is the opposite of making? Is it maqueen, paking, or paqueen, and did I just go through the process of making without realizing it? It felt kinda good.

  3. Luke,

    How much has John P. McCann paid you to turn on me like this? I cannot...dare I say WILL NOT ACCEPT this sort of thing!

    So, please, enlighten me. What are YOUR views on making? Eh? Hmmm? Go ahead! What do you think of making?


  4. My oppinion of making is that special people can make normal people can't. In fact, unless you can make someone laugh, you shouldn't make, or it will not work.

  5. Luke,

    Well...I see your point. But I think it more accurately reflects my views of making than those of Mr. McCann. So, I wholeheartedly agree with you in agreeing with me!


    Well done!

  6. Thanks, John's cash payment bribe wasn't enough anyway...whoops.