Sunday, December 18, 2011

Donation Update

Firstly, thanks to anyone who has donated to Angels Way through the Global Giving website. If yiu're not aware what I'm talking about, here's the link to that post.

Now then, if you have donated and wish to be considered for the poster/T-Shirt giveaway, would you mind doing the following:

1. Send me an email at and please provide your name. That's all I need. I can then check the database and find our top six donors via the Froynlaven website.

But...remember, you still have until the 29th of December to make that much needed donation.

Okay? Cool.

Now then, I had mentioned there were some big changes here at the Rugg homestead.

My wife's mother will be moving in with us at the end of the month and I am losing my home office. Said home office has been with me for 16 years. I noodled many a Freakazoid idea there. I also noodled many other ideas there. Some were good. Some were better left un-noodled. It is from that very same office I have done all of my bligging. Alas, it is not meant to be anymore.

However, we are finally getting cable. So...

But we Ruggs are an industrious lot. As I write this, a 10X14' barn sits on humble earth in my back yard. It was built in one day. Fer serious. Here's a pic of that momentous 8 hours...

This week electrical shall be installed. Then drywall. Floors. My VO booth will be finished at the end of the month. And a new office will be ready for a new year of bligging.

I shall share pictures tomorrow of the future home of Froynlaven.


  1. Who doesn't love a good barnraising?!

  2. Rise and shine, brother Brain. It's time for another barnraisin'!

  3. Does the donation amount matter?

  4. Oh look! I did it! I did a thing! That was easy! Hey lets all give till we go broke!