Monday, December 5, 2011


I don't know if you've heard, but Christmas is just around the corner. It is. And, we can all get something.

So, first I'll tell you what I want. As some of you know, I've been on the board of Angels Way Maternity Home for six years. Angels Way is an amazing place that provides a refuge for homeless, pregnant women here in the Los Angeles area. This wonderful home helps these women give their babies the ultimate gift...Life. I could go on, but then I'd start weeping. I already saw War Horse over the weekend. I'm all weeped out.

But...I digress. Angels Way is now listed on the Global Giving website. And they are waiting for a donation from you. More to the point...they need a donation from you. And it couldn't be any easier.'s the Link. I think you're all extremely intelligent so I won't go into details on how to donate...suffice to say they take credit cards and such. Here's the link again. And...just in case you missed it is one more time.

If you can give anything...anything will be gladly taken.

Oh, and, just so it makes me look good with my fellow board members...right below the DONATE button you'll see a tab that says, "In honor of". Click that and put my name. That's kind of important because it will show my fellow board members that I actually do things. (Which I generally don't...but

And now, the something for YOU.

The 7 persons who donate the most money by using that dandy "in honor of button"and specifying me...Paul Rugg...will receive a special thank you from me* in the form of...

Back in 1995, when Animaniacs made the switch to the WB...and on the occasion of Freakazoid's premier...a special poster was commissioned. I used to have gobs. Now, I only have five left. They are slightly tattered. But...they've made it 16 years. They need new homes. I will gladly autograph them.

Here's a small video showing how neat they are.


But wait...I did say the top seven donors...and yet, I only have six posters. Sooo...

The TOP DONOR who uses the "in honor of" button and specifies Paul Rugg...will get this...


So, that shirt awaits the top donor we go again...uses the in honor of button and specifies me. That way, we can keep track.

Here are some rules. Donations need to be made by December 29th. Those who follow directions well, and are the top seven donors will get my special thanks with wonderful poster...or a shirt.

In event of a tie, we'll take the donations in the order they were received. Cool?

Now, I'm just doing this so ya'll will give to Angels Way. They need it. And I'll be happy for anything you can give. And, the only way I know you gave is if you do it through the "in honor of" button thingy.

I know things are tight for everyone. But every little bit counts.

Okay, there are some big doings at the Rugg household. Changes are happening. Said changes have kept me pretty busy. More on that anon.

Here's a hint.


Thank you!!!!!

*void where prohibited.


  1. I want to win that Freakazoid shirt so bad, but I have no idea how much to donate. It's not like ebay so you can't see the highest bidder, haha.

  2. I also can vouch for the coolness of said poster. It has some more characters on it than stated here. I shot some good closeup video of the whole thing last year. See and skip to 10:25 in the video.

  3. When you go to 'in honor of', it asks if you want to send a card. I don't know if I need to do that or not, I don't get it.

  4. Josh,

    Please look at the new post where I explain further...

  5. Waiting for new post with baited breath! ;)

  6. There's going to be a new post? It's not there yet for me.

  7. Hey Paul, donated a few days ago. Hope to get a poster!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!