Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shirt and Poster Update

Hello all...

I've been on assignment in Iowa for a few days and have not been able to tabulate the results of the Angels Way charity giving thingy.

However, I am now home and shall do so post haste!

Also, if you did make a donation, make sure you sent...or will send by name via the

worldoffroynlaven email. That's important. Really important. Super important.

Sorry to make everyone do all that, but I'm one guy here. Just one. I have no help. I've asked. But they haven't sent anyone. Oh, how I've asked.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!


  1. I feel as excited as Cosgrove was when he was in line to meet Norm Abram!

  2. Is it tomorrow yet? Haha.

  3. Josh,

    Been haing intent problems. Will post tomorrow. You will be happy.