Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keeper Submits Musical Challenge Entry - Paul Rugg Still In Hiding

Parts Unknown - Upheaval continues to plague the Froynlaven blog as its former editor-in-chief, Paul Rugg, remains in hiding following the beheading of Wendy Thomasina-Shmenz, president of Shmenz communications, Froynlaven's parent company.

Locked out of his blog and on the run, Rugg has only been able to communicate with his loyal readers by hacking onto the comments page using highly sophisticated hacking technology thingies. Rugg is accompanied in his clandestine travels by Chester A. Phelph, frequent contributor to Froynlaven and a homeless sociopath.

Rugg is determined to clear his name and prove he had nothing to do with Ms. Shmenz's beheading. He insists that he is close to finding out the assassins true identity but needs more time to build tension and figure out a storyline that is both satisfying and believable.

Meanwhile, the noted composer and lyricist known only as, Keeper, has submitted his entry in the latest Froynlaven Musical Challenge. As you will recall, the challenge was one of the last times Paul Rugg appeared on the blog before things got weird and he had to run for his life. The challenge can be found here.

Hopefully other faithful readers have decoded Rugg's cryptic challenge and will follow in Keeper's sound and hearty footsteps.


  1. Keeper,

    I wish I could be there to congratulate you. But I can't. I'm in hiding.

  2. "Uno vaquero meow meow
    It's a kitty cat riding a cow*
    Uno vaquero cow cow
    now its the other way 'round
    you can't see the cat
    because it's so flat*"


    *Two out-loud laughs during these lyrics!

    If the disembodied reanimated head of Wendy Thomasina-Shmenz does not take over editorial control of the Froynlaven blog, I vote for the reins to be handed to Keeper, unless Paul Rugg returns after being acquitted of all charges -- by the way, what IS Paul Rugg charged with besides sporadic posting?

    Incidentally, my cat is also guilty of sporadic posting.

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    2. Those lines popped into my head while I was putting on my motorcycle boots before going to work the morning after the challenge was issued. Don't ask me why these thoughts happen. (Though actually the second is "Una gatera cow cow", as I figure if riding a cow makes one a vaquero, riding a cat would make one a gatera. Why I decided it would have the feminine, I don't know. Stop asking these questions!)

      I was disappointed that I couldn't find a photo of a cat on a full-sized cow. It cheapens the second visual a little, as the scale involved of a cow riding a cat is thrown off.

      Thanks go to my wife for the drawing of deer playing soccer with a cantaloupe.

  3. Again, Keeper, awesome.

    Hey, could someone find me some fresh water? Chester and I are still in hiding. We're in Peru. In a jungle kinda place. There's a large red tree near us that's about 25 feet tall. Chester and I will wait there. The tree looks like the other red trees around it, but you'll know that's the one to bring the water to because that's the one we'll be waiting by.

    Good job, Keeper.

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  5. Oh, and if you're gonna bring water, could someone bring a couple boxes of Ak Mak? It's THE Armenian Cracker Bread. You'll notice their ad just to the right of this posting. But a little higher. Ak Mak is the perfect snack food for any occasion. And Ak Mak is high in nutrients. A plus when you're on the run like Chester and I. Remember, if you're looking for a good snack that's crisp and delicious, try Ak Mak.

  6. Oh, and Ak Mak is 100% Whole Wheat!

  7. I can send you something even better than Ak Mak. Lembas, also called Waybread in the Common Speech, is a special food made by the elves. The cakes are very nutritious, stay fresh for months when wrapped in leaves, and are used for sustenance on long journeys. The secret of lembas is closely guarded, and only on rare occasions is it given to non-Elves. Like other products of the Elves, it is offensive to evil creatures. If you won't take my word for it, I asked a certain elf for his opinion:

    "Lembas. Elvish waybread. One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man."
    —Legolas Greenleaf on Lembas.

  8. THAT was Keeper!
    And he was amazing again!

  9. Here is my rushed video, I'm sorry it was late, but searching for Paul Rugg has kept me so busy, I only had a little bit of time to put it together, but I am sporting a red leisure suit jacket from my granddad's closet.