Thursday, February 7, 2013


Here it second day of blogging since my long absence...and nothing clever has come to mind.

But these folks sure didn't have that problem...


  1. Tomorrow I'll probably have Animaniacs Volume 4. Freakazoid makes an appearance in 'This Pun for Hire' and Paul Rugg himself makes one in 'The Party'! How neato torpedo is that?

  2. Dear Rolando,
    You don't really think Paul reads these comments do you? Really? He's much too busy. So, he employs a 95 year old Venezuelan named Rolando. Even though Paul insists that Rolando wear giant clown shoes and a big, honkin' red rubber nose. (Honestly, the nose honks.) Rolando calmly puts up with the get-up because it was Paul who saved Rolando from the retirement avocado slave farm and solved his hair loss problem. It's true. See, Rolando has these enormously bushy eyebrows. Those puppies are so long they kept getting tangled in his nose hair. But then Paul comes along and says, "Hey Rolando, you know if you just comb those eyebrows back over your head it'd keep them out of the way." Now Rolando can see again and he has a great head of hair with a natural part.
    Anyhow, Rolando, please let Paul know we understand how busy he is and that he is not here to amuse us for little to no money down. Oh, and if you have chance, ask Paul if having Rob Paulsen's name in the credits of Freakazoid for characters who didn't have any lines was his idea. Thanks.

  3. It's okay, all that clever is going into your new pilot :D

  4. Still, cleverer than what we get on tv these days...