Monday, June 3, 2013


I know. You're mad at me. I understand. I'm mad at me, too. I'm also typing this on my iPad, which is always a rekuhgre endeavor. Really...I type one thing and it sdcofveoinfdosi the rest. I really don't dckndn it.

So...sorry I haven't kept up on my blogging duties. I am ashamed. I also have plenty of good reasons. Well, not good reasons. Reasons. Okay...I just plain haven't blogged. But that's changing at this very moment with me dehrvoibefc on my iPad.

So, let's catch up. I'll go first:

After years firmly planted in the San Fernando Valley...the Rugg's are pulling up stakes and heading north to a quiet coastal town about 60 miles from Los Angeles. That will make me one of 2 people in Southern California the who will actually be using the train to commute to Los Angeles on a daily basis. I hear that they've really started to make commuting by rail a pleasant experience here in LA. I have been assured that my travel time shouldn't be more than 9 to 10 hours each way.

And, of course, moving means it's time to downsize. Luckily I got a deal on moving boxes. I got 100 of them for only 9.99! They're only 12" x 12"...which means that I have to get rid of anything over a foot long. Turns out...that's most everything I own. Luckily for some Animaniacs or Freakazoid fans out there, my moving-box mixup means there's some memorabilia I'm going to be listing on eBay.

Yep, my long-threatened purge of stuff from the good old days at Warners is about to become reality!   I will have most of the things up for sale on eBay by the end of the week. I will keep you informed. There are some Freakazoid Cels, Animaniacs Cels and some Tiny Toons stuff. And, as I promised years ago...everything I make off the sale of this stuff...100 percent of it...will go to my favorite charity, Angels Way Maternity Home.

The VO Improv Project is humming along smoothly. I will post soon about some upcoming live performances of our merry group. We will also be streaming our shows over...what they call the Internet. I don't know if you've heard of that...but it's really something.

Also, after a bit of a dry spell, I have once again been nominated for an Emmy for writing. I will be joining Doug Langdale, Scott Kreamer, Gene Grillo and Kevin Seccia as we sit together on June 14 to see if we've won for our work on Kung Fu Panda. I will be writing about the whole adventure and taking many pictures to document this grand event. It will be like you are there with us at the table. Sitting with us...eating the chicken...pretending to be enjoying yourself...when all you really want to do is go home and watch How Things Are Made on the Science Channel.

Anyway...that's the latest update. Info on the eBay stuff in a few days!!!! Spread the word!!!!



  1. I've never heard of the Internet, so it took me about an hour to learn of your Emmy nomination. Many congratulations! Woo hoo!!!

    Just less than 10 minutes ago, as I too was cleaning and preparing to move (deeper into the Woodland Hills of CA), I came across a printed email from you when I worked at JPL, way back in 2000. It was my hope to have you come on to the Lab as Manny, but you were no longer Manny. (sad face) Nevertheless, a response from the awesome Paul Rugg made my day! So, I am now writing you back to thank you for writing me back! Please continue to be awesome! I can't wait to hear the VO Improv Project!

    Good luck with the move!

  2. Hooray for good news! Have an easy move.

    Maybe LA will make some needed improvements to their much-maligned public transit once they get wind that distinguished Emmy Nominee and iPad owner Paul Rugg has occasion to make use of it.

  3. After all that effort to build the barn, too!

    At least the worries about tiny people riding odd creatures around the back yard will be a thing of the past, but who knows what strange doings will be in your future. Polar bears on trampolines; it's gotta be.

  4. Congrats Paul, that's awesome!

    I just read this now. Did you already put everything on ebay? What's the name of your ebay account store dealie?

  5. Oh by the way, dude, I'm originally from Santa Cruz, so, like, if you need help adjusting to beach town lingo, dude, I'm like totally there for you. Shaaaa...

  6. Awesome about the Emmy nomination, that is...moving isn't quite so awesome, it can be kind of a drag.

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  8. Congrats on the new Casa de Rugg! I can only assume that based on the location given, you will all be almond farmers and/or vineyard owners and the hilarity of the three-camera sitcom shall ensue.

    Not seeing any of the F! stuff on the eBays I hear so much of - hoping I didn't miss out?

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  10. It's not a forum, but I have a Facebook Group that covers all the 90's WB Cartoons. Today Bill Kopp, Kirk Tingblad and Charles Howell commented there, so yeah, it's a good place to talk about this stuff.

  11. I got a little late to read this, have you already moved? Anyway, good luck and best vibrations on the new home! =D

  12. Hope I didnt get too late to send you my best wishes on the move!
    May it be a happy a nice home!

  13. Hi Paul! I'm listening to you and Rob Paulsen ( and I found out that it was YOU who wrote the lyrics to The Cheese Roll Call. Narf! And I was so sure it was Randy Rogel! Sorry! By the Way, I LOVE the Song! I'm sure the music, (written by Susa) was the reason high school marching bands were invented! But the lyrics complete it so well! Thanks!!!!