Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Update 2

By now you've all read John P. McCann's derisive, pernicious and WOEFULLY INADEQUATE response to my post in which I respectfully asked him to clarify his position on making.

Not only did Mr. McCann NOT answer the question, but attempted to turn the TABLES on ME by SUGGESTING that I was being PAID by the FAT CATS and SPECIAL INTERESTS in WASHINGTON! The foes of making have once again sunk to a new low!

Tomorrow I shall prove conclusively and with much certainty that the Foes Of Making have sought to undermine the American concept of making and are secretly doing this behind closed doors!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Making Update

Readers of this blog have long known of my opinion on making. And yet, curiously, fellow blogger John McCann, who I always assumed shared my views...seems to have taken a puzzling turn in the other direction. Why? I suspect the reasons but have chosen not to comment at this time.

John can clarify his views and hopefully all will be resolved. However, if he cannot or refuses, then I suppose we'll all know the reasons.

I've challenged him on this. And I think it's only fair that he thoroughly present his case on making. I had not intended to go public on the difference of opinion we share on the concept of making, but in these trying times I think it's important we know WHO is WHO.