Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So, here I am, sitting on the train on my way to Los Angeles from our new home in a sleepy little beach community about 40 miles north of the city. It Really is sleepy, too. For a while I thought there were lots of homeless people there...but it turns out the sea breeze just makes you sleepy. I have struggled to stay awake just walking to my car. I have fallen asleep in the checkout line at the market. I have dozed mightily watering the plants. I am not quite sure how anyone gets anything done in our town, but I have noticed most everyone carries around a large can of Red Bull. The priest at our new parish takes huge swigs of the stuff between words during his homily. The crime rate here is incredibly low, too. We have a lot of criminals, but they nod off when they're being chased by police officers who wear special breathing masks that provide a continuous supply of non-beach city air. Half of our home is still under construction and has been for 43 years. The carpenters can only manage to drive one nail an hour.

By the way, a bear just tried to attack our train.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll eventually adapt to the slower pace of our new town. Okay...now the bear is running toward the back of the train. We slowed down a little and he almost got on and then the conductor went a little faster and the bear missed. Everyone is laughing. I guess they do this a lot. Okay, I just checked with the person sitting next to me. He tells me it's called bear-baiting. We just slowed down again and just as the bear almost climbed on the back we sped up again. Everyone is laughing again. I don't know. I think it's kind of mean. Oh we'll, I guess what Marvin Hamlish said was right; 'We're all different."

Not that you asked, but I've come to the conclusion that moving stinks. We Ruggs tend to stay in one place for a long while. So moving 20 years of stuff hasn't been very pleasurable. It's been icky. The last time I moved I was young and stupid. I did what all young, stupid people do when they move...get their friends to help. Now, 20 years older, I never got the memo that people my age hire people to move. It never occurred to me that people will actually put all your stuff in a truck and drive it to the new place, unpack it and then leave. I only realized this as I drove the UHaul truck back to the rental place after a day of lugging heavy furniture up endless flights of stairs with my saintly brother-in-law. I have promised myself that if we ever move again, I'm going all out. I'm going to hire the most expensive movers I can find and sip wine with friends as they go about moving everything. Wait a second...looks like the train slowed down a little too much. Great. Now there's a bear on board.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I know. You're mad at me. I understand. I'm mad at me, too. I'm also typing this on my iPad, which is always a rekuhgre endeavor. Really...I type one thing and it sdcofveoinfdosi the rest. I really don't dckndn it.

So...sorry I haven't kept up on my blogging duties. I am ashamed. I also have plenty of good reasons. Well, not good reasons. Reasons. Okay...I just plain haven't blogged. But that's changing at this very moment with me dehrvoibefc on my iPad.

So, let's catch up. I'll go first:

After years firmly planted in the San Fernando Valley...the Rugg's are pulling up stakes and heading north to a quiet coastal town about 60 miles from Los Angeles. That will make me one of 2 people in Southern California the who will actually be using the train to commute to Los Angeles on a daily basis. I hear that they've really started to make commuting by rail a pleasant experience here in LA. I have been assured that my travel time shouldn't be more than 9 to 10 hours each way.

And, of course, moving means it's time to downsize. Luckily I got a deal on moving boxes. I got 100 of them for only 9.99! They're only 12" x 12"...which means that I have to get rid of anything over a foot long. Turns out...that's most everything I own. Luckily for some Animaniacs or Freakazoid fans out there, my moving-box mixup means there's some memorabilia I'm going to be listing on eBay.

Yep, my long-threatened purge of stuff from the good old days at Warners is about to become reality!   I will have most of the things up for sale on eBay by the end of the week. I will keep you informed. There are some Freakazoid Cels, Animaniacs Cels and some Tiny Toons stuff. And, as I promised years ago...everything I make off the sale of this stuff...100 percent of it...will go to my favorite charity, Angels Way Maternity Home.

The VO Improv Project is humming along smoothly. I will post soon about some upcoming live performances of our merry group. We will also be streaming our shows over...what they call the Internet. I don't know if you've heard of that...but it's really something.

Also, after a bit of a dry spell, I have once again been nominated for an Emmy for writing. I will be joining Doug Langdale, Scott Kreamer, Gene Grillo and Kevin Seccia as we sit together on June 14 to see if we've won for our work on Kung Fu Panda. I will be writing about the whole adventure and taking many pictures to document this grand event. It will be like you are there with us at the table. Sitting with us...eating the chicken...pretending to be enjoying yourself...when all you really want to do is go home and watch How Things Are Made on the Science Channel.

Anyway...that's the latest update. Info on the eBay stuff in a few days!!!! Spread the word!!!!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam!

Francis I

It's not often that I get to use Latin in my headings! How about one more...

Nos receperint vos, Francis!

Thursday, February 28, 2013


I won't even attempt to say how sorry I am about not keeping up with my promise to get back on the blogging horse. But, hopefully...this will make up for it.

A few years ago I wondered what it would be like to take some of the best VO folks in the business, cram them into a studio without a script and see what would happen.

Shortly before Christmas, I talked the idea over with the highly talented Mick Wingert. We then formulated a plan to invite some talented VO folks into a studio and...improv. No rules. No script. worries.

I am pleased to report that the sessions have been some of the most enjoyable and funny that I've ever been a part of.

We have formed a group. And you shall be hearing from the 10 of us very soon...



Thursday, February 7, 2013


Here it is...my second day of blogging since my long absence...and nothing clever has come to mind.

But these folks sure didn't have that problem...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Because Laura Said To

I know. I've been grossly negligent in staying true to my blogging duties. I've let work...a pilot in development...various writing assigments and other things get in the way of keeping this inestimable blog up to date. And so it would have continued...

...had Laura not bravely emailed to say that enough is enough. She called me to task...pleasantly enough, mind you...and told me it was time get back to the important mission of filling this blog with clever words.

Thank you, Laura. I needed that.

However, after a few months off, I'm a little rusty at being clever. So, while I brush up and figure out what to blog about, I'd like to leave you all with this:

A man wrestling a bear for no reason.