Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Because Laura Said To

I know. I've been grossly negligent in staying true to my blogging duties. I've let work...a pilot in development...various writing assigments and other things get in the way of keeping this inestimable blog up to date. And so it would have continued...

...had Laura not bravely emailed to say that enough is enough. She called me to task...pleasantly enough, mind you...and told me it was time get back to the important mission of filling this blog with clever words.

Thank you, Laura. I needed that.

However, after a few months off, I'm a little rusty at being clever. So, while I brush up and figure out what to blog about, I'd like to leave you all with this:

A man wrestling a bear for no reason.


  1. It's good to have you back :) And a pilot?!? So cool! Can't wait ^.^

  2. Check out Laura Douglass! Nerd computer ace! Went surfin' on the Froynlaven and emailed Paul from cyberspace! She turned into the Freakazette! She's strong and she's a chick! She drives Paul Rugg crazy because she's a lunatic!

    1. You know, I always just assumed I was Dexter's long lost sister or something... This is, in fact, my personal theme song.

  3. Well, the bear started...

  4. And just because of that post, the bear fight and these comments, I will have to invite my wife for a F! dvd marathon this weekend...

  5. And just because of this post, the bear fight and these comments I will have to invite my wife for a F! marathon this weekend... Oh the luck! The darn luck!