Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Spent a rather insane couple of hours at the offices of Variety to participate in an interview with some of the amazing voice talent on the 7D. To say these gents are some of the best of the best would be an understatement. Yet, I love understatements! I also love Triscuits. But that's a whole other post.

From Left to Right: Maurice Lamarche (Grumpy), Bill Farmer (Doc), Kevin Michael Richardson (Happy), Scott Menville (Sneezy), Kelly Ward (Voice Director), Me (Lord Starchbottom), Stephen Stanton (Sleepy), Billy West (Bashful)

On the drive to the interview I spotted this shoe car in Santa Monica. This isn't important per se, but I think if someone went through all the trouble of making a shoe car, the very least I could do is mention it here. Well done, shoe car maker! This is the best shoe car I have ever seen. It's also the only shoe car I have ever seen so I really have nothing to judge it by. But, if I ever do see another shoe car I'll let you know how yours compares.

Shoe Car. (Not Pictured - Maurice Lamarche, Bill Farmer, Kevin Michael Richardson, Scott Menville, Kelly Ward, Me, Stephen Stanton, Billy West.)

UPDATE: I have been informed by Doug Langdale that there is a Shoe Car in Burbank. I will attempt to photograph this other shoe car and determine if this Santa Monica shoe car is better or worse. I want to thank Doug Langdale for sharing this information.

Monday, June 2, 2014


Greetings All!

I'm pleased to announce that the premier LIVE webcast of the VO Improv Project will be on Wednesday, September 10th at 7pm (PDT)! Details on how YOU can listen in and even BE A PART of stupendous event will be forthcoming in the forthcoming weeks. 

The Cast will be working hard all summer to make sure our premier broadcast isn't lame. 

Some of you are probably wondering what the heck the VO Improv Project is. Well, quite simply, it's an Improv Show...but with VO Actors. We gather round microphones and do scenes based on YOUR SUGGESTIONS! And it's all LIVE! Isn't that keen?

Stay tuned!