Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bus Of The Day

Today's journey took us from Muncie, Indiana to Bloomington, Illinois. We have a performance at the Arts Center tomorrow night.

Strangely, we had already been in Glen Ellyn, Illinois the day before yesterday. And after the show tomorrow, we head back to Indiana for a performance in Indianapolis.

We will have crossed the same state line too many times. Yet, we continue to happily spread the Stuffed and Unstrung cheer...albeit in a very roundabout way.

That said, we are a hearty stock. The miscreant puppets are also behaving themselves.

Tomorrow I will write a poem about air.

I will also write an essay about my favorite bear encounter.


  1. When will we get the exciting conclusion of the worst meeting! I have been unable to sleep for months waiting for this, please cure my insomnia!

  2. I shall rectify that this evening on the bus ride to Indianapolis!

  3. I feel nothing has been rectified except for the examination I have scheduled for tomorrow - I really need my sleep too, please help!

  4. I'd second the feeling. But I think he also would like to state he understands you're busy, doing road-stuff. Just we hope to see it soon. :)

    big fan Paul. Are you guys heading to columbus Ohio anytime soon?