Thursday, August 20, 2009


That's right!

Beginning August 24th, Froynlaven will be NEW and IMPROVED! Many things will be different! (Sort of how teachers used to change the desks around at school. It felt super fun for a day! But then...obviously it wasn't because you were at school.)

I've spent months with researchers who research this sort of thing at research institutes where they research this and I must say I'm super excited.

The colors will be DIFFERENT. The menus will be DIFFERENT. The font will be DIFFERENT. All sorts of DIFFERENT things will be DIFFERENT.

Flinn Buttress, the researcher in charge of these changes put it this way: "Goodness! There will be all sorts of buttons to click on. Many of these buttons will do different things. Some won't. But we're working on that. We hope that they (people) will find the site to be filled with interconnectivity and yada yada blah blah and things that'll portal and allow users to yackity smackity while communicating in a new way and all that sort of thing. A family of birds lives in my mouth."*

SO! I'm super excited.

* Flinn Buttress was institutionalized shortly after these comments.


  1. Are you sure Flinn Buttress isn't Hugh the Tasmanian Devil? Because I can see how you might get the two confused.

    I don't know how I feel about this change, Paul. Every time my favorite sites change their appearance something goes horribly wrong and there are too many buttons, or not enough, and it gets all confuddled. I will reserve my judgment though, until the 24th.

    PS)Thanks for signing my poster by the way!

    PSS) Glad to see you posting again, I keep wondering if you've fallen off the face of the internet.

    PMS) You don't wanna know.

  2. Newness! Because change can be good. Like fresh underwear for your creativity. Bracing.

  3. But what happened with Paco and you millions of dollars, I been up waiting and wondering I need to know the conclusion!

  4. PK:

    Jillian is awesome in this.


    Every line delivered right on the money.

    Then she comes in and breaks the thing.
    "Ooo, what's this?"


    She is ready for her close up.

    I can't help but think that you knew it was going pretty well -- you couldn't help but smile a little.

    "Dad can I go play on the roof?"

    Crazy kids!

    Great bit, Pauly.

    Tom R

  5. "Chaaaaannge!" My favorite word!