Friday, September 11, 2009


This man is Keeper.

I have waited MONTHS to write this. MONTHS! Do you hear me? MONTHS!

Thanks to someone in Germany who is the FIRST...let me repeat...the FIRST person to email me with a musical stumper for Keeper.

For those of you new to this blog, Keeper has agreed submit to musical challenges submitted by Froynlaven readers. But none of you ever submitted anything. I don't know why. I couldn't have made it easier. To the right you'll see an email where to send said challenges. It has never been used. Ever. By no one.

THAT IS...until this week. I got an email from someone in Germany. Yes. Germany. I guess they care over there. So thank you, Germany. All of you. (Or at least one of you.)

So here's Keeper's Musical Challenge. It's a doosy. And I'm giving Keeper until Monday, October 5th. If Keeper succeeds in the challenge (as voted by Froynlaven readers) he will receive a slightly-used copy of Nancy Drew Mad Libs.

So, Keeper. Here it is the challenge submitted from Germany:

You are to sing the themesong to Animamiacs in as many different languages as possible. I don't mean you have to sing the themesong many different times. No. You are to sing the themesong once while incorporating as many different languages as possible. Perhaps the first verse in Dutch. The second in Spanish. You get the idea.

Now, I realize this is hard. But you are Keeper and we are not. Upon successful completion of said task...I am prepared to sweeten the deal with these incredible prizes:
This never eaten York Peppermint Patty.

And this...

Key ring I found in our dry, dead grass.

So, there it is Keeper. We look forward to hearing from you...


  1. You are asking a linguophile to sing a multilingual version of Animaniacs? You better get that Nancy Drew ready for shipping, Mr. Rugg.

  2. A keychain formerly belonging to Maya Angelou? Score! Heheh.


    There is a guy I know in Sweden, Simon Stadin, who already has done a multilingual version of the Animaniacs theme (yet another reason why Sweden is better than Norway). He changed languages about every two lines, but I think he repeated some languages.

    In order to do "as many languages as possible", I shall have to do more than he did... and more than I even have up on my WB themes in other languages site which I've been slacking off from these days. I know there are more languages out there; I've heard 'em on YouTube.

    There was a time when I could sing the theme in five languages from memory, but now I shall have to write a script.

  3. SO....this is gonna be easy, eh?

    Fine, then I DEMAND at least two of the language used be LATIN and that language where they just CLICK THEIR TONGUES.


  4. First?
    But I.. I emailed you.. right after you first posted the email! Did you make me as spam? You thought I was spam didn't you! Just because I like to bathe in spam, because it has a nice fragrance when I work and get all sweaty doesn't mean I AM spam!!

  5. ... And for the record, I wanted to see him sing Lean like a Chola, while dressing up as one...

  6. It's funny; I was thinking of doing a line with the clicky language, as a joke.

    I wonder if I can do it with any sort of accuracy though, as if anyone would notice. I doubt one can find any sort of language guide online, but who knows?

    I can enlist the help of my friend Justin, a.k.a. The Mad Latinist, for the Latin...

    Taki, all I can think of is singing "Lean Like a Chihuahua" to the tune of "Walk Like an Egyptian". Except Chihuahuas don't lean... or at least mine never did. Does Lucky? if you spin him around?

  7. This is gonna be epic!!! :)

  8. Psst.
    I'm whispering so no one else will hear this.

    Do the Latin part in Pig Latin! It's still Latin, but it's so much easier! "Any-zay to the ax-may!"

    And please do a brief section in Esperanto while impersonating William Shatner. That'll sound like playing a Beatles song backwards -- without the Beatles. Cool!

    Go Keeper Go!

    Tom Ruegger

  9. Takineko,

    I don't think I ever got it. So that'll be his next challenge...unless you come up with some more sinister.


  10. Keeper,

    I have another York Patty if you do as Mr. Ruegger suggests. The entire Animaniacs theme in addition to the other challenge.

    See, this is what happens when you and others on this blog say it's gonna be easy.

    So there. Ha!


  11. So vile~~
    Go for it Keeper!

  12. Keeper and Paul
    This is lean like a Chola

    Chola = origional latina gangster from the West Coast.

    I can't promise you won't get mean comments from real Cholas though. :C

  13. This reminds me of the episode where Yakko sang the theme song in different languages.  I think it was the one where Dr. Scratchansniff refers to Mr. Puppethead as an "ego externalising actualsation tool" and he's trying to get the Warner kids to go to school and at the mention of learning the day's lesson, Yakko pulls out the Wheel of Morality, and Scratchy says, no, no morals, he's sending them to school, and Yakko quips, "A school with no morals?! it Harvard Law?", and then Scratchansniff points out exasperatedly that children have to attend an approved educational institution for a minimum number of hours during the school year, etc.

    YAKKO:  What are you talking about?  I'm older than you are!  And I speak eighteen different languages!
           "Es hora de Animania!
            irre komisch mit 'nem Knacks;
            Titshak kmo meshuga
            Sure le rire pas de taxe—"

    Anyway, the doc eventually ends up imagining how the future grown-up Warner siblings might act...

           [Giant Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are rampaging through the streets of LA like hyperactive Gollyzillas.  Yakko is wearing a mortarboard and monocle, pushing through the buildings and yakking on several cell-phones simultaneously; Wakko, wearing a tweed jacket with leather patches, pulls a Palm Pilot out of his gag-bag to calculate anvil trajectories; Dot sports an over-slinky business suit designed by someone on one of those Internet groups and punctures the pavement with her high heels.
    ...Sounds like the perfect spot for a SONG BREAK to me!]

    Y,W,D:  Three little kids from school are we,
             Somehow we passed our SAT;
               Filled up our heads with sophistry.
                 Three grown-up kids from school!

    YAKKO:  Everything is a source of fun!
    WAKKO:    Our self-esteem's healthy, we care for none!
    DOT:          Like is a joke — or perhaps a pun!
    Y,W,D:        Three bratty kids from school...

    YAKKO:  Three little kids fresh from the tutor's,
    WAKKO:  Now with a licence to ride scooters! [Tearing down the street on a Vespa and running over some guy in a fedora]
    DOT:          Think I can get work at a Hooters??
    Y,W,D:        Three youngish punks from school...
                     Three grown-up kids — from school!

    But that was a long time ago... even longer ago than exactly four years back from right now.  

    Of course, you'll notice that Yakko didn't actually sing the theme song in 18 languages, so knowing him, he may have been exaggerating in his braggadocio.  Or braggerating his exaggadocio, or something.  Keeper, on the other hand, is much more reliable, so it's good that you picked him for this challenge and not Yakko.  Also, he's much taller.

    –David "pondering that he's never seen the Keeper and Yakko in a room together at the same time, however" Green

  14. I'm still waiting for the "Puppet Up" theme performed in the style of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

  15. Can I demand that one of the languages Keeper utilize is Klingon?

    C'mon, any of the theme songs in Klingon has to be good...

  16. Only if you do the tlhIngan translation for me, Troy, 'cause I don't know anything beyond Qapla'.

  17. I want the name of the episode where Yakko sings the theme song in 18 different languages! I'm really longing to see that one!

  18. Well, the entry is reduced to just the Pig-Latin idea. It is taking more time than I expected to do the multilingual version.

    Because Simon Stadin already has done a line-by-line language-shifted Animaniacs theme, I thought the only thing left to do is word-by-word, but when implementing languages whose versions I have not memorized, it's very difficult for me to know exactly which syllable is where when looking at the lyrics, making it quite a task to fit words together. I finished the first verse but that's as far as I got -- considering that I didn't even start doing anything for this challenge until about 5:30 this evening...!

    So here, with no rehearsal, is Animaniacs in Pig-Latin... sort of:

    Of course you know I have to do a twist on things...