Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Froynlaven readers will be happy to know that I have successfully completed my mission. I now have a clean office, fresh paint, and...as my wife promised, a dandy new TV. Dandy, indeed. Super dandy. HI-def dandy. Low power consumption led TV dandy.

I was given the go-ahead to make the TV purchase last Thursday. I felt like Ralphie in A Christmas Story. My heart began pounding as I approached the sales clerk and pointed out what I wanted. I rushed my words together excitedly. "I want that Samsung Series 7 backlit LED TV with a blue ray player that plays things!!"

My wife and daughter were waiting by the door when I got home. "Did you get it dad?"

"No," I replied. "I changed my mind." Her heart sunk. Then, 'OF COURSE I GOT IT!!!!!"

My wife suggested we all have dinner and then I could set it up later.

Wives no nothing of the need to watch something hi-def as soon as possible. Dinner was the fastest in recorded history.

I ran into my office and threw open the box. The TV was sleek and shiny and black. And, I knew, it would never work. Ever. Because...I'm cursed with electronics. This curse has come to be known as, THE MR. RUGG.

A little back story on the curse. Every electronic purchase I have made since the age of 19 has had something wrong with it. Stereos with bizarre hissing. Tape recorders with busted microphones. Phones with missing cords. All new. All in the box. All defective. All mine. I would take them back to the various stores and hear..."I'm sorry Mr. Rugg."

The curse got so bad that I would purposely never get the first box on the shelf...but the one in back. That never worked, either. Everything was always broken.

Which is why...when I opened the box for my new 40 inch TV...I expected to see broken bits of glass, a dead rat and chewed plastic. I would be forced to return it to the store and hear, "I'm sorry Mr. Rugg. That was the last one. You will have to wait the rest of your life while we order a new one."

But, to my surprise, nothing was broken. I assembled the stand and plugged it in. I waiting for smoke to start spewing from the speakers. I waited for the TV to explode. I waited for...at the very least...something not to work. Perhaps a software malfunction that caused everything to look Portuguese.

BUT, to my surprise. It all worked. The folks at Samsung have restored my faith in electronic things that come in boxes.

The first thing we all watched was the blue ray edition of my favorite film of all time: 2001.
It's was awe inspiring. In fact, the scene in the moon bus as they're on the way to the Tycho monolith looked like it was live video. Happy. Happy me. The ending still made no sense, but now it made no sense in HI-DEF!

We've watched UP and THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET. UP was breathtaking. Unfortunately no amount of HI-DEF can help The Incredible Mr. Limpet. However, my daughter thought it was the best thing she's ever seen. I'm keeping that in mind when we start picking out colleges for her.

Anyway, the last TV we bought was 16 years ago. So, judging by that, I can't wait to see what my next TV will be like when I get it in 2026.


  1. Hey, I like The Incredible Mr. Lippet. One my favorite movies growing up. Is there really a Blu-ray version of it?

  2. Yay I love 2001! I wanted to watch it, and the sequel for New Years, but I'm a slacker. "The ending still made no sense, but now it made no sense in HI-DEF!" Ahahaha!

    One day when I am rich I will buy my daddy a BluRay disc player and an HDTV, and then we can watch the worst of the classic Star Trek movies in HiDef! I can't wait!

  3. You did it!

    Congratulations on the new TV.

    Sometimes things start malfunctioning a bit later...
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. 2001 is also my favorite movie of all time. When Linda bought me a copy on DVD, I had her return it because it wasn't the super special edition with lots of bonus features. Never did find that version anywhere, though I know it exists. Blu-Ray version is on the horizon once we have our house and stuff, for sure!

    When I was Jillian's age (well maybe a little younger), I loved The Incredible Mr Limpet too. Don Knotts in general. I was Wakko Warner, but with pants... and being the youngest... of four. OK, so I wasn't Wakko. ...though later in life I was known to dispense with pants from time to time. But that's another story.

  5. congrats on the set! I'll have to keep that name & brand in mind for whenever I end up buying one. of course then the "(insert last name here) Curse" that I have will come into effect. In my family everytime we like something - a brand of food, car, freakazoid, etc it goes extinct once we say we like it... at least your curse doesn't put people out of work!

  6. Speaking of 2001... have you seen Moon yet?