Tuesday, February 9, 2010



  1. If you're going to show off Burbank like that, you really need to use your Gary Owens voice.

  2. Those wily mountain goats think they have you fooled with their jogging suits. Don't fall into their trap, Paul!

  3. Amazing!

    What froynlavenreaders want most, is you!

    I bet you were listening to "Burbank" from "The Sound of Warners", which some genius wrote the lyrics to ;), while hiking?

    One day, when traveling has become cheaper and cheaper and cheaper still, I will come to visit LA!

  4. SUSPENSE! I thought that goat was going to eat you! You are a master of direction sir.

    If only I had a good video camera I could show you around my city! In all it's boring, North Texan glory!

  5. Aw, just last Sunday when I was out for a ride on the motorcycle, and I had to burn off some gas 'cause it filled a bit too much, I thought for a moment before heading into the hills, "I should stop and pick up my camera, then take a bit of video from the scenic overlook."

    But I thought, nah, and just headed up the hills without stopping. It was really pretty too, 'cause it had snowed pretty good the night before and was snowing slightly still, yet the view nevertheless was pretty clear from what I could see (I didn't stop at the overlook but continued up and over the mountain -- at the 6700-foot summit, it was a veritable winter wonderland).

    Perhaps I shall go back up there on Saturday and do a little "here's the city" video, then. It's supposed to be only partly cloudy, and quite warm (down here in the valley we should hit 50 for the first time in a couple months).

  6. I expect I'll be the only participant yet again (what's wrong with you people!), but here we go -- an occasionally humorous look at my area from up in the hills. Luckily not in danger of killer mountain goats on this day.


  7. I don't have a camcorder to show you, but I can tell you in a nutshell what Huntsville is like. It is a primarily military industrial town, fed economically by Redstone Arsenal, and the Marshall Space Flight Center. It's primary products are missile research and other military things that military people do when they aren't shooting other people. There are a lot of wealthy engineers here. Thus there is a lot of disposable income and predictably a lot of places catering to the disposal of said surplus. That is where all the normal people work. There isn't much else to do really. There is a park on top of a small mountain, and lots of restaurants. My city recently hosted the collage shooting of 6 staff members at UAH. My father works there. Don't worry he is fine. He left for home before the fireworks started. It is also the proud host of the Space and Rocket Center. They are sort of like a crappy theme park, but don't let them hear you call them that. They get touchy when someone compares their "simulators" to rides. But that is about all there is to it. Huntsville. Great place to be denied tenure in.

  8. Any chance he'd care if i sent on a video now?
    Even months later?
    Great view area