Monday, December 20, 2010

Auction Update and A Welcome Return

My auction for charity will take place in Late January. Seems to do this "by the book" there are some forms and such. So. I'll update as it get close.

I would also highly recommend you read the work of journalist Ling Carter. Somehow he gets the stories the others can't. He's been away on assignment. But he's back and more dangerous than ever.

Please visit his site often.


  1. Good luck with auction and flu.

    I'll check out this Ling Carter fellow.

  2. Flu? I blame the blizard! Even though I don't even know if you guys had one where you live... I certainly didn't have it here. ~takes off sweater~

  3. Hi Paul!!! Long time no see. I am glad to see that you are doing so well & that you and Maria have a daughter! Congratulations! Tiffany and I think of you often, and we still laugh when we think of you at the Acme Theatre. You will always be the funniest person we have ever known. We would love to see you sometime. I would love it if you requested me as your friend on FB so we can get back in touch. Love to you & Maria from me & Tiff. Donna Schultz

  4. Paul,

    I would suggest when you put the auction(s) up that you post a link over at the Warner Bros. Club, there's several people there interested in Animaniacs and Freakazoid! memorabilia that don't frequently check your blog.