Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Aflac Flak and Me...and You

Perhaps you've heard Aflac is looking for a new voice for it's iconic duck. If you haven't, well, Aflac is looking for a new voice for it's iconic duck.

This is the duck.

Aflac has just announced that anyone can submit their audition. My VO agent just sent me the copy so that I can add my voice to the thousands of others. The audition copy is quite simple. Just the word, "Aflac". That's it. It should be an original interpretation. In other words, the company wants one to "make it your own."

So, if I have to audition. I think it's only fair that you do, too. I think we've got equal chances at this thing. You. Me. And the tens of thousands of others.

So, come on. Let's do this. Together. Let's be a community of loving support. We'll exchange ideas. Help each other. Hone our skills and put our best feet forward.

Link your auditions on the comments section and see what others think. I promise to steal the best one and use it for myself.

We can do this. Together. Friends helping friends.


  1. I like how their casting call web sites list the accepted file formats:

    Audio: mp3, wav, midi, wma, mpa, mp2, m2a, ra

    Uh... MIDI? How would that work, exactly?

  2. I auditioned as well, although I found that in order to properly get the correct amount of urgency and grit in my voice, it was necessary to slam my hand in a door...

    I sure hope if I get the job, Aflac has excellent benefits. Fingers crossed... ow! Why did I do that with the hand I slammed?!?

  3. LOL MIDI that's great. I would love to hear that one.

  4. All righty. Here was my idea...

    In this idea, the duck is a WWII fighter pilot who is shot down by flak (a bit of a pun there; I didn't notice until after making this idea that you'd used it in the title to this post!), ejects, discovers he has no parachute, but then realizes he can fly (y'know, 'cause he's a duck). I thought that makes a funny little skit while also being somewhat analogous to how Aflac protects its clients from unexpected dire situations.