Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Luke!!!!

I have been away on vacation, but, upon my recent return....I found these wonderments from LUKE!

This is his musical interlude as he prepared for his Aflak audition....

And this is his Aflak audition.


  1. Luke,
    Great version of "Variety Speak!"
    Beautiful job!

    I'm sure your audition gave them pause.

  2. Thanks Tom!

    I can always play a jazzy tune for Paul's auditions if he feels they'll help. :)

  3. I was about to record an Aflac audition idea I came up with (I didn't time it but I think it's just under the 30-second limit they had in their rules; if not I can cut the first part which is unrelated to the rest of the skit) but I realized that the deadline was earlier than I thought and had passed already, so I never did record it.

    Should I anyway? I'd need to warn Linda that I'm about to start screaming and not to be alarmed...

  4. OK! OK! I'm uploading it now. I did have to do a second, shorter take as the original plan was well over 30 seconds. That's OK; the first part was the weakest and wasn't part of the rest of the skit about a WWII fighter pilot who gets shot down, ejects, discovers he has no parachute, but then realizes he can fly.

    I'll post the link on the original challenge blog entry.