Monday, July 18, 2011


As clocks sometimes do!

The deadline for entry into the latest Froynlaven musical challenge is 6pm PDT on Friday, July 22nd. I'd make it later, but we have to get my daughter all packed and ready for camp.

Now, then...remember to email me at the Froynlaven address and provide me with a link. And where's that address? At the upper right of this blog's homepage.

Yes. I am illegally watering the backyard at this very moment...fancifying it in preparations for the winner's interview!

Kay then. Tomorrow I'm gonna do a little essay on writing for animation . Cuz I feel like it.

Until then...

Don't be lazy!


  1. I'm workin' on it! I'm workin' on it!

    ...have to transcribe the Freakazoid theme first for the background music! and it's hard!

  2. In the mean time, Paul, the Trololo Guy himself, Эдуард Хиль, has a challenge of his own:

    (The song, by the way, apparently was originally supposed to be about an American cowboy named Joe who is looking forward to going home to see his girl Maria. The Soviet authorities banned the lyrics, and thus we were left with Trololo!)

  3. I learned the freakazoid theme in two minutes. I'll have it ready soonI learned the freakazoid theme in two minutes. I'll have it ready soon

  4. In the process of uploading now, expect to have it soon!!! It's awkawrd, rushed, and executed with such joy and concetration that you would never notice, he hopes.

  5. I mean the entire thing -- melody, bass, harmonies... But now I need to convert it into Trololo form...

  6. In case you missed my email, here is my entry with incorrect title card placement, expect a revised version tomorrow. Apologies for me accidentally standing too far off frame.

  7. Oh, here's the video, lol

  8. oh, and Keeper, I wasn't meaning to knock your transcription. Sorry, that sounded Terribly rude. Yours will be much better than my awkward violin version I made in Audacity.