Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For The Rest of Us...


  1. That sounds fun and all, but DID YOU GET MY ENTRY??!!

    Here's the revised version

    Did you get my entry?

    Here's the revised version

  2. Ah hah! Now we get the all-new buttons & thingies!

    My Froynlaven Challenge entry is done! Huzzah! Will post tomorrow.

    Tried to add elements of the trololo song into the Freakazoid theme (bongos, rhythmic horns, a celesta part in the middle). Alas I couldn't get my wife to frame the opening shot right so that's the weakest part of the whole thing.

    Lots of cobbled-together video clips, sometimes referencing related parts of the original theme lyrics, and some edited screenshots for fun and no profit whatsoever.

    Oh, and a game similar to one in the first season of Freakazoid! Oh Boise Idaho!

    Oh, and did I mention two parts that include water?

    Oh, does every sentence now have to start with "Oh"?

    Oh, now they're also ending with "Oh".

  3. Good job Keeper, can't wait to see it. hmmm, maybe I should step my entry up a knock. I unfortunately don"t have all the resources Keeper ha, but it's worth a shot. If only I didn't have band camp today.

  4. You went from too hard to too easy haha, that's ok sounds cute :)
    Maybe I can borrow a friend's camera don't have one right now.