Monday, August 1, 2011

And The Winner(s) Are...

Yes! Yes! Excitement! Noises!

Excitement Noises!

Well, I must say, the Froynlaven Musical Challenge entries were all outstanding!

It was very difficult to choose a winner. Frankly, even attempting to do this rather difficult challenge makes all who submitted WINNERS. Each had something unique and groovy.

Vanessa's amazing puppetry and use of Russian backgrounds was awe inspiring.

Michael's clever use of desert flora, a tie and a hose was genius.

Luke's use of a garage and musical interludes was refreshing and sublime! (Is there a musical instrument Luke cannot play?)

And Keeper. Keeper has once again gone above and beyond the call of duty. He used a watering can. He sang. He wore a vest.

I think everyone will join me in congratulating Keeper as the biggest winner in this challenge of winners!

A future post in this blog will feature an interview with Keeper. If I can get a hold of him. Hopefully I can.

Anyway...Luke, Vanessa, Michael, Keeper...

It is folks like you that make me proud to live.



  1. As much as I really wanted to be in that interview, I must say that everyone did an outstanding job.

    Congratulations Keeper, have fun in the interview.

  2. Congratulations! Still, I agree with Paul; You were all AMAZING!

  3. Applause to Keeper for his wonderful video! And condolence hugs for the rest of us.

    At least I have my Eduard Khil puppet to keep me company...

  4. Indeed! Congratulations to everyone and a big round of applause for Keeper! And since we're technically "sub-winners," I would like to propose that we get to write some of the interview questions... And if not, I propose we all go out and get milkshakes and smoothies and matching jackets.

    Either way, great job everyone!

  5. Well, it's going to happen in less than two hours, so if you want Paul to ask me somethin', you'd better get it in quick!

    They let you do that on youtube!?

  7. Only when you're doing something of interest. Haven't you ever heard the term "vested interest"?