Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Interview With Keeper


  1. Oh yeah, I am supposed to be doing that, aren't I? I sort of forgot about it, I'll tinker around with it some more!

  2. Very glad to see Keeper and Paul, together again. I think this Paul/Keeper skype session should be a regular bit.

    The question/challenge: A duck goes to Wisconsin to learn why mice eat cheese. Of course, this challenge answers the question: Why do ducks go to Wisconsin?

    My regards to Nick Nolte.

  3. Waaaaaait a minute!

    You said there were mice living in that leafy area at the side of your yard (in one of the interview bits that didn't make the cut), but clearly that is a tiny Hawaiian man.

    Is he a friend of Alfredo Ruiz, Esq.?

  4. I like Tom's idea of making this a regular bit haha.

    I don't understand that opening. Maybe it is some sort of amazing art piece beyond my comprehension.

    Stuffed animals with different voices, a duck traveling to Wisconsin to ask why mice like cheese... I'm going to have to do some research for this one aren't I?

  5. talking puppets! Great! I finally have an excuse to digitize the time I had my Yakko & Dot puppets reading the school announcements in high school!

    ...oh wait... the announcements never covered a duck going to wisconsin to ask why mice eat cheese... oh, well. guess that stays on VHS...