Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For months now, many of you have been urging me to help resolve the conflict between professors Anghurst Sveng and Kep Othlanpangin. During that time, I purposely chose to stay out of the affair in the hopes that these two exceptional minds could resolve their conflict in due course.

Alas, that has not happened. These past few months have brought only ever-escalating acrimony. This acrimony now threatens to poison all of our work and, should I allow it to continue, it is highly probable that their bitter dispute could lead to the total collapse of that field of research we all hold so dear.

And so, reluctantly, I find it necessary to step into the breach and bring this matter to a swift yet thoughtful conclusion.

It goes without saying that I hold both Professor Sveng and Professor Othlanpangin in the highest esteem. Both are good men. Both have good intentions. And both are striving for a better understanding of the world around us.

That said, Professor Sveng is an utter moron. Now I know why some animals eat their young. If I could find enough wood, I'd board his mouth shut. If brains were bricks, he'd be homeless. What holds his ears apart? I'd like to see things from his point of view, but I can't seem to get my head that far up my bottom. I don't know what makes him so stupid, but it's really working. When he goes to the mind reader, does he get half price? Having heard him talk, I now know the dead do contact us. Calling him an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people. It takes him an hour an a half to watch "60 Minutes."

Hopefully we can now put this matter behind us.

I know you all join me in congratulating both Professors Sveng and Othlanpangin in their contributions to our field of research.


  1. I wish these two would bury the hatchet of science already, because they're not getting any younger and the Sveng-Othlanpangin Antineutrino Precollation Strand Unbonding Device they sold me needs repairing. I'd do it myself already, but there's that "no user-serviceable parts inside" sticker on the back.

  2. Ah, Mr. Rugg, forever the diplomat.
    Personally, I think you went too easy on him.