Monday, January 23, 2012

And, The Winners Are...

Janice West!!!

Austin Nebbia!!!

Valerie Tidwell!!!

Josh Gerbrandt!!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to give ya'll the results of our Froynlaven/Angels Way Charity Donation thingy...but I've been knee-deep in clearing out my old office in time for our new guest!

And, as is fitting, this blog is the first official thing I have done in my new digs here at the Froynlaven World Headquarters/Barn.

So, let us all thank Jan, Austin, Valeria and Josh for helping out Angels Way. Posters all around!



  1. Odd place to end a video lol
    I didn't know my name changed to Valeria, I think I like it. :3

  2. Once again extremely envious of the Froynlaven workspace. Ralph Loren Rosewood is an excellent and tasteful choice. I find it far superior to Martha Stewart's Flowerboard. Wow. That didn't sound right.

    Hard to tell, but is your daughter proudly sporting the letters of the Lions on her sweater?

  3. This is me trying to thank you for Freakazoid and all the laughs. You're awesome.