Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tomorrow's Weather

Scattered patches of sunshine which will turn into other things as the day goes on. Highs should be in the upper portion of the livable range. Lows will generally be the same.


  1. Sorry about the lame blog above but as most of you know, I've been locked out of the blog and can't post anything. I cleverly disguised my voice, and, posing as a rich spice merchant from Pakistan, I called the current editor and suggested that if he blogged something short about the weather I would give him 100 dollars and a tent. Anyway, my little rouse seemed to work and I can now communicate with you via the comments page.

    And a good thing, too. I have amazing news! Chester and I have figured it out. We know who did it! We know who beheaded Wendy Thomasina-Shmenz and we're going to spill the beans at a press conference on Tuesday. We'd do it tomorrow, but it takes a lot of time to get the press to Paraguay. Chester sent out invitations that he made himself out of dried bat guano. For a homeless sociopath, he's very industrious. As you've probably figured out, Chester wasn't taken by a bush monster as I had claimed it my last post. My eyes were playing tricks on me. He was taken by a TREE monster. They are quite different and easily reasoned with.

  2. And, you can not imagine how bad the tree monster felt when it realized it was trying to eat Chester and not a small large rodent (it's main diet.)

    Anyway, it's been quite the exciting two weeks. I can't wait to tell you everything. Also, I will have a small presentation for Luke and Keeper as a thanks for their latest entry in the musical challenge,

    Okay then. Tuesday.

  3. Oh... I was thinking Chester was taken by a polar bear wondering where its trampoline was.

  4. So you two didn't end up sitting on an Ent for half a movie? That way, you could've gotten an army of trees that talk like Pip Pumphandle to wipe out the army of blog kicker-outers.