Monday, April 20, 2009


It is with great fanfare and other such things that I announce the winner of the 2nd Froynlaven Reader Participation Contest (the one with a real prize). The winner is:


He swept all the categories. (True, he was the only submission...but...he has won! He's won!

What did he win? Keeper has won an autographed Freakazoid Season 2 DVD!

And why did he win. Well, just look at this:

I know you all join me is saying, "Well done, Keeper."

Unfortunately...and I hate to be a nudge about this...but I couldn't help but notice Keeper is also wearing a Freakazoid T-Shirt. I don't think it's an official Warners Licensed Freakazoid T-Shirt either. Which is too bad because Keeper is probably going to go to jail once the people at Warners find out. They are not to be trifled with. Trust me.  I knew this old lady once, she was like, 100 years old and she really liked Freakazoid and she got a shirt similar to that and Warners found out and they threw her in jail. And she was like, 100 years old or something! Another time, I knew this 4 year old boy and his dad got him a Freakazoid T-Shirt like that and Warner found out and they had him thrown in a juvenile work camp. And he was only like 4 years old! And those are just human people I'm talking about. Once, these old folks knitted a sweater for their dog and it had the Freakazoid logo on it and Warners found out and they had the dog put down and they made the old folks watch. So...


  1. I thought the video was due tomorrow!
    Not that I had planned anything anyway.. I just can't do the voice x.x If only I were more clever. But Keeper! Yay! Congrats! I expect pictures when you get it in the mail of course!

  2. Wow that vid is amazing, he deserves it. ^^
    "He does things with the animals we don't talk about" hahaha

  3. Congrats Keeper!
    I did intend to enter, I just had computer trouble, and whatnot. I had an idea, but I'll save it for the next contest, it's adaptable. Keeper probably would have won anyway, his entry was brilliant!

  4. Hehe, that was great! Well done Keeper, not an easy challenge but you pulled it off. I must say, the first was my favorite by far.

    Not that I would have been able to beat that, but I would have joined in for fun if I had a decent camera or voice ;)

  5. Congrats, Keeper. Now go get some sleep.

  6. Heheh... Well, you know, Paul, I wanted to meet other Freakazoid fans, and how better to do that than to end up in prison?

    As a matter of fact, WB did shut down the Cafepress store that had nothing but bootleg Freakazoid merchandise. Of course, I would have bought a licensed shirt if such a thing existed!

    heck, WB lawyers got a YouTube video of mine taken down: a video of the Japanese trailer for Disney's Lilo & Stitch. Why? Because Warner Music Group paid to advertise a song of theirs in that trailer, and thus don't want anyone actually to see or hear the trailer. Makes perfect sense.

    But don't worry; I won't actually be going to jail. I'm sure Alfredo Ruiz will get me acquitted.

  7. I must say, though, that I'm disappointed no one else participated in this challenge. C'mon, people! If you don't participate, Paul won't give us challenges. Prizes or no, these are fun to do!

    Today was supposed to be voting day. I mean, someone may have voted for Weena Mercator's entry. Oh, hmm, it seems to have vanished. Well, gosh, it was really good, I thought... except I don't think Anthony Newley would have hopped that much.

  8. Keeper,

    I think Weena did enter. I think I just got it. All shall see it Friday.

    (But you still win.)

    Now...if Warners would just send me those DVDs!

  9. I would've entered, but I just discovered Paul's blog (or "Plog") for the first time Sunday evening.

    I'll catch the next one, when Paul has us sing the "Puppet Up" theme in the style of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

  10. I can't think of a more deserving winner.

    Kudos, Keeper. Kudos.

  11. Hurray! A Weena Mercator entry!
    But wait, what ever happened to singing Yakko's world?

    Or did you hope we would forget?

  12. Eric O. Costello (for Michael Mink)April 21, 2009 at 4:05 PM

    I would humbly (since I was snarky in the other attempt to post this comment) note that the word is not spelled "nudge," but "nudzh." I cite Leo Rosten on the subject.

  13. You're persistent about that Yakko's World thing, aren't you, Val?

    I'm surprised you don't send him a link to the sound file or to the video while you're at it.