Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hey all, we've just returned home from our 1,700 mile Northern California Easter Break. That's a lot of driving. I wasn't going to put this post up until 9pm pdt, but I fear I won't be up till then.

So, please provide your links to your submission in the comments section and let's see...

The prize is real this time. 



  1. I'm uploading mine as we speak. I only just recorded it, and only wrote parts of it late last night. No practice, but I got through it... oy I could not hit the high note...

    I'll post the link as soon as it has processed and is playable.

  2. OK, here it is: fluorescent lighting is making the colors all funky, and the loud echoy house was making me hold back from singing loud enough since the landpeople were home, but... there it is, for better or for worse... probably for worse!

  3. Aww, I forgot about this. I was sorta thinking of having a go at figuring out whether it's possible to transfer video from my camcorder to my computer, and if not, purchase the necessary components, and then spend hours training myself to sound like Anthony Newley on command, and then sing the Freakazoid theme like Anthony Newley and digitize it and upload it and post a link here, but gosh darn it, it just slipped my mind!

    Your take is hilarious though, Keeper!