Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen...this is BIG. (Notice how I made the word 'big' big? That's a clever thing I've done to convey the BIGNESS of my announcement. See? I did it again with the word 'bigness'.

There has been extensive back-channel negotiations via Facebook (what's up with that Facebook thing anyway...I still don't get it) and I am pleased to announce that KEEPER has agreed to subject himself to monthly musical challenges. These will forever be known as KMMCs. 

Like me, you were all probably astounded at Keeper's version of Anthony Newley singing about Freakazoid. If you weren't, you're made of stone and I don't know what to do with you.

Something tells me, we haven't even scratched the surface of his musical ability. (Or if we have...we're about to find out.)

At the beginning of each month, Keeper will be given a musical challenge. He has a month to work on it and then submit it for our enjoyment.

However, this is a group effort. And we're a group. Right? We are a group, right?

Beginning today you may submit your musical challenge suggestions to the following email:


I will also put this email up in a sidebar so you can always have it handy. Isn't that dandy?

I will pick the top five and put them up for a poll on Friday. By Monday we will have our winner.

Isn't this cool? Isn't this a keen thing for us to do as a group? Because that's what we are. Right? We're a group. Right?

Then, Keeper and I will have a little teleconference and I will give him his challenge. (I'm not sure how we're going to do that. But we're gonna. So there!)

Cuz we're a group. Right?


  1. I like this plan of yours. But don't leave out the rest of us, just cuz I'm whiney and can't sing doesn't mean someone else won't want to give it a shot too. Cuz we're a group, right? We like to do stuff together.

    Don't feel bad that not alot of people participated in the contests, I own clubs with dozens and dozens of people and still can't get a single contest submission even though I have cool rare prizes.

  2. It's a pity, too, because the next prize was a 2009 Miata. But, I guess we'll never see those days again.

    The dealership said I had to give it away by tomorrow (something about taxes) and I said to just forget the whole thing.


  3. And if no one comes up with an idea, I have one that almost had me laughing aloud at work as I imagined it in my head.

    But yeah, anyone should be able to participate if they wanna. And heck, let's not restrict 'em to musical ideas necessarily. Recall how I came up with a couple scenes just by looking at a couple of Tom Ruegger's drawings. (For example: the beavers. The other one is on a web server that has been down for days, alas.)

    One never knows what will spark the weirdness that is me.

  4. A Miata you say/? Well that's ok, I just got a new car myself, so I'm a happy pup.

    I had alot of fun making that NBC Sports video with Maz. I should lure her into something again... Where will I find enough chocolate at this hour?...

  5. Why at Ducks, Hoses & Chocolate Emporium!

  6. Yes, that would normally be the obvious chioce except I also need a tutu, don't ask my why Maz just can't say no to me in a tutu.

  7. Maybe you should wear one during your salespersonishness then.

    I mean, if all your customers are Maz.

    OK, never mind.

    Hmm, y'know, there is another "musical challenge" idea that I've done a-cappella for small audiences in the past but I've been wanting to do with my piece-of-junk ukulele as well (I have an extra gag that utilizes it), and that is my routine of wondering what it would be like if Elmer Fudd sang the Red Rose Rag.

    Someday I must do that... and this other idea I got yesterday that I won't tell anyone but will use as a backup plan!

  8. I demand Keeper sing "Leaning like a chola" while dressing up as a chola.