Thursday, May 28, 2009


Many unique and special greetings to you all again from the Christmas village I'm hostage in! So much has happened to occur and it needs to be shared with persons identical to YOU!

In my pleadings for things for the movie, many of you have heard! I lick you repeatedly! 

Many things are available to share! Takineko with words typed she can give the needingly required cookers! Yes, and I will take them. She also is having 3 live hams and the 1 fake live ham! She says they are metaphorical. I don't know that breed, but all live hams are a bounty to my needs!

Fenwick Wilnern is having the paintings of the live hams! Thank you and welcome!

Troy has an ax! This will be handy for the scene of the murder when the creature falls and then a small chase goes on for a while! An ax is needed for this!

Keeper has a person! I will value that with my life!

So, we get closer to the reality of the movie. I hope more people let me know what they are having!

And now, for words about the story.

It is called, "Who Will Cry For Wendle?" In it, the boy of Wendle finds he is encamped in an area he never knew existed. (In his mind, or not. We will find out later that it is not what we had imagined.)

As he carries on in this amazing area, many difficulties come to fall upon him. (Which is why I need the living bear with non-biting action.)

From the corner of the areas, though, are where we are given to experience the larger of the difficulties! Oh, much larger!

A man ( the person who I need who Keeper has) will try his best to confusalate Wendle with various treacheries! 

But from another area comes the space ship with the angel who will mediate his conflicts. Or, is this just another trick? Because the angel is also in possession of four live hams. One is immediately struck by a bear and made non-living. (Which is why I need one fake live ham because I don't want to kill a live ham...even though it would be good for eating.)

From there, many other things happen. There are tree people (twigs), falling dangers from the sky (macaroni) and many mystical things.

We are close to making this!

May a Llama provide you with its butter!



  1. If I find anyone identical to me, I will share this with them! Thank you!

    But now the tree people [twigs] concern me, isn't that alot like that other movie with all the shaky cam?

  2. Hi. My name is Beva. I too am brilliant filmaker like you. yes?
    I possess live ham, slight damage. this ok?
    also picture of live ham, me in it, nice dress, neckless and pointy shoes. this ok?
    want to discuss brilliant movie plots?
    Thank you very much!

  3. I have a non-biting bear. I was saving it for Colbert's annual sacrifice. Bear sacrifice assures him of good ratings, and enough rain for his crops. But he hasn't paid me so you can have him. Non biting bears aren't cheap you know. I'm keeping it's teeth. It's arts and crafts week at the asylum, and I want to make a spiffy necklace.

  4. I am totally confusalated.

    Drosure Quopton
    Valencia, CA