Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Successful Sprinkler Repair!

A big shout out to my buddies in Houston for getting me through my garden sprinkler problems. The gardeners I hired to do the job left without finishing.

But, I knew help was only a satellite relay away!


  1. It's clear that you need to call up your old buddy Norm Abrahms, and see if he get a word to his co-stars on This Old House. They would be able to get that sprinkler system up and running in a jiffy and it wouldn't require a satellite relay.

  2. Have I told you latley that I love your videos? No? Well I do.

    Nifty picture in picture trick! I'm impressed!

    I've been watching alot of videos latley where people make money just by making funny videos and selling adds in the corner. [The Nostalgia Critic at was able to make enough money to quit his regular job and make videos full time] You could do something like that I'm sure!

  3. @takineko: I'd love to see Paul make a video of him working a "regular" job. I bet we'd never look at a "regular" job the same way ever again.

  4. This is true Voiceroy.
    After watching ThatGuyWithTheGlasses videos all week I've discovered the forumla for popular internet videos.

    1) Something visual. A costume or accessory that you wear in every video.

    2) Catchphrase. It should be related to the type of videos you're making

    3)Audiance assosiation. You don't have to interact with your audiance to relate to them. Pick a topic you think they will be interested in. This gets them to click the link to your videos in the first place.

    4) The funny. If you do not have the funny, people will not watch you. Paul has plenty of funny.

  5. Note: You can have a variety of other catchphrases as well, but having one that pertains to your video subject matter at the begining and or end of each video sticks in people's minds.

  6. @takineko -- You left out the most important one:

    5) Getting hit in the groin with an object.

  7. Oh yes! How silly of me, of course.