Friday, December 18, 2009

Two Gopher Brothers In A Van...

Just got the word that the project I did with Brian Henson in November is going to make its debut on PBS KIDS GO on January 11th.

However, there's a preview site up now. It's right here.

We used the HDPS system and had a lot of fun. I'm Ditch...the gopher in the green shirt. Brian Henson is Wilson.

Okay then...

Got a deadline today for two projects after which I shall blog and have an award for Keeper and generally catch up.


  1. Okay, I'll say at the top that just based on the song in the preview (theme song of sorts?), great voice work as always. (It sounds like a variant of your Manny The Uncanny voice.)

    On the other hand... the CG work? I'd have to see an episode before I can judge it. It looks a little... off based on the clip. I'm not sure if it was the character design or the fairly flat colors that put me off.

    (It's looking more and more like PBS is where all former A! writers eventually wind up...)

  2. that's seems like a weird show xD
    I can hear Freakazoid in ur voice (a little! or maybe it's because I'mn trying REALLY hard to.) I'm a little too old for that show...but I'll watch the pilot at least :)

  3. I commented on this, but it didnt come up for some reason TT_TT
    how sad...
    I watched the preview and was trying desperately to hear a little freakazoid in it :D (if you listen closely enough and watch something sevreal times, you will start hearing exactly what you want to hear...)

  4. OOOH i see it now. it has to be APPROVED before it shows. ha silly me.

  5. Looks cute. Of course you're the wacky gopher.

    ...but Brian/Wilson (hey wait a minute -- the Beach Boys didn't do that song!) mispronounced Nevada in that clip. Locals here can get pretty peeved by that. (Nevadans insist that the A's are pronounced like in hat.)

    Mr/Ms Weenie, I think one hears Manny the Uncanny more than Freakazoid in that bit. Of course, there was Manny's America and all, so one already had Manny in mind (and what a mind that makes) when seeing the concept and knowing Paul was in it.

    I don't think I ever actually saw any of Manny's America, though -- just some of the earlier Manny clips. (Hey Paul, ever gonna post more of those on your YouTube account? It needs more S'Much, especially...)

    Speaking of your YouTube videos, a young friend of mine was pooped on by a bird recently, so I sent him your Stephen Hawking video. He said it was brilliant. He's a kid of discerning taste.

  6. *just looked 'manny the uncanny' up on utube*
    Yea it sounds exactly like that o.o but I'm still hooked on Freakazoid, so I hear both.
    Was that a real show? I've never even heard of it xD

  7. Manny was a character that Paul did, I'm told, in his standup days, but was revived for that series of short subjects during Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC.

    You may recall, if you happened to subject yourself to Pinky, Elmyra & The Brain, a parody of Manny the Uncanny that they did: Pinky the Unstinky. There were a lot of parodies of One Saturday Morning in general on that series -- perhaps a reference to the fact that former P&TB producer Peter Hastings produced that block (any wonder that Peter quit Warner Bros. after seeing what WB did to P&TB after he left?). Indeed, in one PE&TB episode, the mice get back to Acme Labs only to find it has become a Disney store.