Monday, February 9, 2009


Hello. My name is Chester Phelph and I am a junior novice in the Greater Los Angeles Aviation  Enthusiasts Club - Council 23 (San Fernando Valley Region - Commercial Aviation Only.) I say I am a junior novice, but that will change soon as I will become a senior novice by the end of this year. Perhaps in a few years I will make it into the Expert Novice division and be able to be a part of all the exciting stuff and benefits that comes with that designation. But enough about me and all that stuff that I was just talking about.

It was a great weekend for spotting planes here in council 23's designated viewing area. We had some rain, but that is always better for taking pictures and the planes are always shinier. I was assigned to general spotting detail with fellow junior novice, Ray Monticeto, but Ray woke up on Saturday with a wasting disease and said he had to pass.

At approximately 7:42AM (I'm sorry about all this detail but the council says I need to be specific in my details) I arrived at LAX with my camera and pad and paper and two Zagnut bars.

At approximately 7:53AM I took up position at the public viewing area. Members of a rival club, the California Jet Watchers Association, were also present. They stole my Zagnut bars.

At approximately 7:57, I began taking pictures. 

This is my video report:


  1. You didn't really go out to LAX did you? That JAL shot looks distinctly like it was taken from Narita Airport!

  2. Bryan,

    Of course I did! What are you accusing me of? I have NEVER FABRICATED A REPORT!!!

    You are probably with California Jet Watchers! Leave us alone!

    I want my Zagnut back, too!



  3. OH DEAR GOD PICKLES! What have they done to you??

    Chester Phelph! [Im' not sure how I feel about this name.]
    I hope you become a member of that group soon. I'm excited to see you actually get to touch that little plane!

    That's not the worst thing those people could be doing to the pillows. :C

    I can't believe he made such a nice model out of ply wood and sea weed! I thought I was clever with statues made of chocolate.. wow...

  4. Mr. Phelph? Is that you? It's Troy! Troy from your Durmedy Middle School - Intro to Modern Engineering class all those years ago!

    Boy, the memories I have from that class. Remember how you showed us how to create an airborn Port-o-John using only an air piston and six bottles of generic brand Pepto Bismol? Well that day was such an inspiration for me. Not the engineering part but the Pepto Bismol part. I'm currently developing a bismuth subsalicylate for dogs and orangutans to help with their digestive problems.

    How long I've searched for you to pass along this news!

  5. Chester:

    I'm hungry.

    Please feed me.

    I'm wasting away. I could play handball inside my former self.

    Please. I need Snausages.