Thursday, January 7, 2010



  1. I can only assume that mess is somehow the fault of that Manny puppet.

  2. Manny puppet!!!

    Happy New Year, Paul... think that flatscreen will be in place by the Olympics? Being that you have a new island nation and all to support...

  3. What happened to the Manny puppet's hair? Or is that a sensitive issue? Maybe I shouldn't ask that...

    [You're such a tease not showing us clear shots of your awesome memorabilia!]

    I am glad your dogs are still not dead.

  4. Looks like a hard-hat job. Looks like you have a couple hard-hats up on the bookshelf ready to go too.

    Hey, I recognize that jet hanging from the ceiling, from Manny's trip to Boeing!

    If only the Daffy pilot really had done what you said... since everyone else liked it, surely whoever took his place would have green-lit it, instead of making you Bic-light it.

    I was just thinking along a similar line, since comments on an earlier post got me remembering things. I remembered how frustrated Peter was getting with the network wanting to change Pinky & The Brain.

    It was their most successful prime-time show, but they wanted to change it, because it didn't fit in with the rest of their prime-time lineup ('cause, y'know, it wasn't crap). So what was the Great Decision from up high?

    Isn't it obvious?

    Change the show that people are watching, to make it more like the shows that people are NOT watching.

    Of course! Genius!

    Does anyone wonder why The WB doesn't exist anymore?

  5. ~raises hand~

    I still wonder why the WB doesn't exist anymore--cuz now we have plenty of networks that are much worse!

  6. Good luck with that new task.
    If you manage to do this, the flatscreen is well-deserved ^^'

  7. Hey- this is a little weird, I realize, but what else is the internet for? I got the DVDs of Freakazoid for Christmas and have been going through them whenever I have a chance, and I was somewhat surprised to hear in the various special features and such about the difficulties you guys ran into making and marketing it. So, since Google exists, I thought I'd just see if I could find you to say the show means a lot to me, and I'm glad you made it, even if it was short-lived. It kept me sane (well.. let's not examine that word too closely) through a couple hellish years of middle school, when it ran at 5:30 AM (and later, at 5 AM) and I woke up to watch it just to have something good happen in the day. Watching them again is wonderful, of course, because I get so many more of the jokes. So, just a random voice from the internet, dropping in to say hi. And thanks.

  8. Kj,

    Glad you stopped by! Glad you like Freakazoid!

    I hope you'll come back often and become a Froynlaven regular. This is a happy place. People here are swell and neat.

    It is a custom here on Froynlaven that new visitors show their gratitude by sending me a check for $534.00. I then invest this money in an account that will hopefully someday allow me to open the Freakazoid Hotel in Las Vegas.



  9. Please help Paul with his dreams of the hotel casino in Vegas... I've always longed to be a pit boss. Just so that I can do the dramatic look up to the ceiling camera, with the gesture to watch the young scoundrels that seem to be taking our hard earned casino cash to the cleaners (and so that I can use phrases like "taking it to the cleaners").

  10. Kj,

    Please help Troy with his dream by helping me. Perhaps $1,000?

  11. Daffy duck primetime?!?! gimme gimme!! I'd be willing to watch that & buy the DVDs & copious amounts of merchandise associated with it!!

  12. So would just about everybody, except Jamie Kellner. And thus it was canned right as production was ramping up. Explore Paul's older entries and you can read more about it.

  13. If there were ever an unproduced pilot that I must see, it would be for my favorite daffy duck. I have no doubts it would have been insanely funny. To everyone but the network heads.

    Also, what happened to Puppet Manny's trademark glasses! A piece of history, gone forever?