Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Why? Because I came across the following clip on Youtube and it made me think fondly of the old guy.

I've mentioned before that when Freakazoid ended and we all went our separate ways, my phone would ring every so often and it would be Jonathan. He'd say something like, "How do you feel about lunch? Call McCann."

I'd call my co-producer on Freakazoid, John McCann, and we'd meet Jonathan at Mistral in Studio City. There, over a few chardonnays, Jonathan would hold court as only he could do.

So, today, on Jonathan Harris day, I'd like you to watch the following clip. You have to pretend you're in a darkened restaurant. You're eating a breadstick. You're sipping wine. You have to get back to work...but the stories the old guy is telling are just too good. Work can wait.

A master is at work...


  1. He seems such a particular man. How did you ever manage to get him for Freakazoid? Obviously, Professor Jones is a sort of reprise of his favorite character, but which came first? Did you set out to get him, or did you write this character and then try to get him, or what?

  2. Aww, you're making me want to watch Lost in Space now...