Monday, May 3, 2010


Thanks for everyone's votes. I know it seems like we've been talking about this for months, but I've tallied everything and here are the results.

Again, thanks to everyone who contributed.

The Froynlaven awards go to:

1. Cecile B. Tiggit Of Hamilton Beach, California.

2. Dr. Vincent Noyman, Director Of Studies, UCHM, VDOC

3. Renny & Pam Welch

4. Ermice P. Ceepage

5. Sader Almapuper

6. (Tie) Clem Tugger & Vernald Loon

7. Mardi and Dendril Snevi

8. Bix Mayworth and his Bird, Chico

9. (Tie) Squint Balshort & Kep Lesang

10. Ida Gumma

Again, thanks everyone for helping out on this.


  1. Weena Mercator was robbed! I'm writing a stern letter to the box top people about this.

  2. I can't believe Ida Gumma got tenth. Behind Dendril Snevi? How? Snevi couldn't lick Gumma's boots. Ridiculous. Obviously this is totally rigged. The judges should be ashamed. This makes the Golden Globes look legit!

  3. I warned Chico that Bix was just holding him back. If he went solo he could finally spread his wings a bit.