Friday, June 18, 2010



Today was the day. That song. With the kids. You know. A sea of 300 kids doing this song. I tried to be strong. I did. Ugh. I failed. Water came out my eyes.

My wife looked at me. I tried to hold it together. I didn't. She didn't either.

However...I was not alone. Most of the other parents were also sobbing wrecks.

Anyway. The school year is done.

Onward to summer.


The beginning of the school year is a few months away they're gonna sing that song again.

I need to prepare...


  1. You've got three months. What we need for you is a classic training montage.

    First we'll start you on the easy stuff; you can walk on a treadmill while looking at photos of puppies and kittens. This is the Internet, the place is lousy with those things.

    We'll slowly move you up to riding an exercycle while watching the end of "Old Yeller" on a loop, and from there you'll move on to jumping rope while watching a local-interest news segment about an entire family who was saved from a burning building by their industrious pet hamster. Once you get to bench-pressing while a ceiling-mounted screen shows "Pollyanna" starring Hayley Mills, you'll know you're Ready.

    Complete your training and not only will you be able to face The Song like a stoic red-blooded American Fred MacMurray dad, but you'll also get a black belt (which comes with two pair of pants) and a genuine Certificate of Emotional Distance printed on the good resume' paper and suitable for framing.

  2. Rob!

    This is brilliant! I'M GOING TO DO IT!!!!


  3. Then please keep us updated about your progress :)

  4. OMG Rob... I'm demanding video of that Paul.


  5. I had read your blog prior to my sister's college graduation. I thought that I could keep my composure, after all - seeing my baby sister graduate college should be happy and joyous and shouldn't make me cry. Right? And then... as most Catholic Jesuit universities are kind enough to do, Santa Clara students sang the Alma Mater -- and the waterworks began.

    What's with us and songs?

    Anyway, hope all is well, my friend. I continue pitching ideas in hopes that the wise and powerful Rugg will be able to be involved someway somehow...