Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Way back in 1997, a polite, bright young man was on a brief break from his studies at Annapolis. That Annapolis. The Navy Annapolis.

This particular young man happened to be a big fan of all things animation. But...not just any animation...WARNER BROTHERS ANIMATION. I told you he was bright, right?

Jamie also happened to be my wife's younger cousin. She asked if I could do something special for him and so, I sorta did. He and his mom spent an afternoon watching one of Richard Stone's last scoring sessions for Freakazoid on the Warners lot. We had food in the commissary. We chatted animation. Bugs. Daffy. Wacko. Freakazoid.

That was many years ago.

Today, Jamie is on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan as a helicopter commander. His wife, three kids (with another one on the way) eagerly await his return.

Jamie is still a big fan of animation. I shipped him the 2nd season of Freakazoid all the way to Afghanistan last year.

I thought of Jamie today. I've heard the heat is close to 111 every day.

I thought of him because I'm struggling with another writing project. What should that character say? What should happen next? It's all soooo difficult. In air conditioned comfort. With my wife and daughter in the next room.

Reality check.

Anyway, please keep Jamie in your prayers. As well as Deanna Oliver's son, Colin.

Come back safe, guys.


  1. Wow, those guys are so brave!! I'll be sure to pray for both of them.

  2. Aww, yeah. When our husbands were in Iraq, my friend Tonya would catch herself complaining about something and stop to say, "It's fine! I'm not in 114 degree heat in Iraq, I can deal with it!"

    My husband didn't mind the weather so much as the mud. Apparently when the rainy season hits it doesnt stop being muddy for weeks.

  3. It's so easy to loose perspective of things isn't it? I can't imagine being over there with the heat & the war & the terrorism... & to have a kid on the way is just rough!

    they'll be in my prayers tonight.

    ...& now to the important part of your post: you spelled Wakko wrong!!!

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuvbBwsMTgI

    Here's a video for you to watch. It's a great song that is a tribute to all of the soldiers overseas.

  5. I'll keep them in my thoughts. I pray all this madness winds down soon.