Thursday, June 3, 2010


A review of pictures from a family vacation in Whistler (in Canada which is another country. It's very clean but they say the word "couch" in an odd way) has proved shocking.

The above sentence wasn't written very well. So, I'm going to redo it without all the Canada stuff.

A review of pictures from a family vacation in Whistler has proved shocking.

My wife made reservation for us to all go zip-lining through the tall trees that Canada has a lot of.

I'm not a fan of heights, but she assured me it would be enjoyable. It was. Very.

But as I looked at the pictures of said zip-lining excursion, I discovered something horrifying. Canadians don't like me. I don't know why. I like them. Oh, they may say they like me. But, when the think nobody is looking, they don't like me.
They like my wife and daughter. But me? There is a general loathing.

Perhaps some of you think I'm being to sensitive. Ha! I have the proof.

Let's do this...

The following pictures are a series of shots as we each left a platform and zip-lined over a ravine of great depth. Let's see how much the Canadians like my wife, shall we?

Here she goes. Notice how everyone is concerned for her. They want her to make it to the other side.

Here she is! Flying over the raging torrent!

Next, it was my daughter's turn.

Ahh! All eyes are upon her as she begins her treacherous journey! You can almost hear the Canadians saying, "We like that girl! What a brave little girl!"

And brave she was! But she's not the one who is afraid of heights. That would be me.

Now, let's see what happens when it's my turn.

They can't even bear to look at me. You can almost hear them say, "Him? I hope the line breaks. We hate that guy! We turn our backs on you! PAUL!"

I don't understand where this deep hatred comes from. I'm a huge fan of maple products. I like most of the products Canada Rich Little.




  1. They just don't understand Jerry Lewis impressions blue super heroes that got sucked into their computers that's all.

  2. It's kind of like Titanic, "save the women and the children and let the men sink!" I think maybe a Canadian was in charge of putting life boats on that ship.

  3. I'm half Canadian so I guess I only half loathe you??

  4. wait... it just dawned on me after I posted the above comment:

    THAT'S why my mom wouldn't let me watch Freakazoid as a kid but my dad would! She's Canadian!

  5. That makes perfect sense! Good reasoning : D

  6. But why do they care about your family? Don't they like Freakazoid? Not to mention they're YOUR FAMILY!! Maybe they have pitty for them. I bet there is an entire organization of Canadians out to get Paul Rugg hurt by way of 'accidental zip-line accident'