Friday, January 9, 2009


I just got rescued a few minutes ago, and they want me to go to the hospital for a splint or something...but...I figure if this isn't something interesting to blog about...then I don't know what is. But, they're waiting for me, so I gotta make this quick.

Woo. Okay. Let me just catch my breath. Wow. Okay...

Here's what happened. Okay. I was playing in the field behind my house even though we've all been warned a million times to STAY OUT. know how it is...I didn't stay out and now I WISH I HAD cuz I fell down a mineshaft.

Woo. Okay. I'm still a little shaky. Let me just pause a minute. They're gonna take me out for a splint and I also might have a little...they said mild brain damage or something and I need a splint and I fell down a mineshaft and I don't think there's any brain damage at all cuz I need a splint.

Okay. Woooo. Let me just catch my breath and then I'll tell ya what happened. Whew. Okay. Okay.

So. I was playing find the pebble...but the solo version of the game...cuz everyone's I normally play with is at work and I was playing by myself.  And I was on the fifth round when things start getting fun and and I'd reached the charmed pebble stage and was ready to call out PEBBLE CHARM...CAN'T TOUCH ME...and...wooo...let me just catch my breath. Cuz I really wanna blog about this. But I need a splint and there's probably some brain damage cuz everytime I touch my head it pushes in and I don't think it should. But anyway...

Woooo. Let me just catch my breath. One of my dogs is named Kiki. And she's so cute. Just so cute. Just a cutie pie. When she crinkles her nose it looks like she's making a kiki and that's why we call her that. Cuz I need a splint.

Anyway...I fell down a mineshaft. Did I mention that? And I want to blog about it. If you have dandruff...don't wear black. Just you're just asking for trouble. Wear beige or white. Cuz when Kiki crinkles her nose at you! It looks like she's making a kiki. And you'll need a splint. Cuz Kiki has brain damage. Woooo. Anyway..

I fell down a mineshaft and I wana blig aboot it.

I FELL DOWN A MINSHERT! Woooo. Let me just catch my breatyh a minute cuz I splint. Woooo.  


  1. Too bad you didn't die down there! I wish that was the case! I hate you!


    Alfredo Ruiz

  2. Were there any jackals down there?


    Alas, the original line did not pass the censors:

    "I FELL DOWN A MINISKIRT! I need a splint on mine shaft."