Monday, January 12, 2009

A LOT!!!

First things first...


Wow! The glamour! The glitz! The fashions! The stars! STARS! STARS! The funny jokes and gags! Ha ha ha ha!!!! The heartfelt acceptance speeches! The pokes at George Bush and the eloquent talk of a new, kinder and gentler time to come. Ahhhhhhh.

I didn't happen to watch. But, I'm sure sure that's how it went.

Now then...


We went to the world-famous Getty Museum yesterday. For those who don't live in Southern California, the Getty is HUGE. When they built it a few years back it was the largest private construction project in the country and cost...billions. It has so much imported stone that it has its own gravity. We had to pry my elderly mother-in-law off the side of one of the larger buildings.

Inside there are lots of paintings by fellas like Monet (I'm told you don't pronounce the T. It's MOE-NAY. Not MOE-NET.) There were paintings by another guy named, Van Gogh. (Here again, I'm told you don't pronounce the g and the h in the Gogh part of the guy's name. It's VAN-GO. Not VAN GOG.) This Van Gogh fella painted some irises and I'm told it's worth millions and millions. When I asked one of the people that worked there why it was worth so much, I was told it's because he was insane. HAD I KNOWN THAT...I would have kept the urine doodles a homeless man used to make on the wall behind my office.

I have to say the paintings were pretty, but the frames were SUPER COOL. I mean, some of the frames were like...10 feet long. I bet they are really heavy. I wish they would let you hold the frames and see how heavy they are because I bet it would be amazing and interesting and I could blog about it.

Anyway, the Getty has all kinds of art stuff like that but my favorite thing is the restaurant. The food is SOOOO good. I had cobb salad. (I'm told you pronounce it COB. Not COB and then wait and make another B sound a few seconds later. So, don't make the mistake I did.)

One of the fun things at the Getty is the sketch room. This is a large room set up with a lot of easels where you can try sketching something yourself. They have a lot of art on the wall and the point is to try to draw what you see. I thought we should give it a try so we all sat down. A nice docent gave us paper and charcoal. His name was Michael. (I'm told you pronounce it MY-KALL not MY-CHAY-EL.)

Anyway, I decided to try to sketch a fat, little cherub. After about an's what I came up with.
I'm sure you'll agree it's quite good. And if I were insane...I could probably get millions.


  1. Your drawings never cease to make me happy.(The second P is silent so it's pronounced HA-PEE not HA-PEE-PEE which is, by coincidence, the name of a woman who once propositioned me in Tailand)
    Of course I've only been aware of your amazing talent since watching one of your old Manny videos, but I assume they will continue to make me happy, given I see anymore of them in the future.

    If a crazy man's drawings are worth lots of money, surely the opposite must be true right? Draw some crazy men, I think that will draw in the big bucks!

  2. Hey, Paul… Wanna go to the Getty Museum and have some Cobb Salad?

    DO I?!

    I now know what Freakazoid’s Blog would have been like! Thank you! Oh, thank you!

    Bring on the Season Two DVDs!

  3. Cobb Salad and the Getty is far more interesting than the Golden Globes. In fact, most of the people appearing could use a Cobb Salad (or two). I'm convinced that Renee Zelweger's puckered face is an astronomical anomaly that will someday fully implode causing a rift in the fabric of space and time... just watch, someday... we'll rue the day we didn't act upon the Zelweger Effect sooner.

  4. I am sad because the cherub has eaten a basketball.


  5. To post my recent comment to your blog thing, I pressed the button marked POST COMMENT and then, before my comment would be posted, your computer machine asked me to type out a word that appeared on the screen. The word consisted of twisted colored letters. The word I was asked to type was "TARTOROS." I might be wrong, but I believe this word means bulls made out of tar. So I typed out this word and then pressed "finish." My comment was then posted.


    And yet I felt strangely unfulfilled. I missed this word, this word "TARTOROS." Are there other words like it? Are there other strangely shaped letters thrown together in what look to be words and yet are not? Do these words, like "TARTOROS," need to be copied and typed? When will I be asked to type another strange word? Do I want to type one? Oh YES!!! Yes, I DO! I want to type another strange word just to show off my ability to correctly copy and type strange words.

    So that is why I have written this post. Because once I push the "post comment" button, I get to type another unfathomable and wavy word.

    Good bye


  6. BTW,
    the wavy word I was asked to type in order to post that last post was "underm."
    Thought you might want to know.

  7. Okay. Last one.
    That's what I was asked to type.
    I think that may actually be a real word.
    "Quiffell" sounds liek something the British do.
    Do you approve all of these words?
    Well, that's it for me.
    No more posts from me today. Bye

  8. "sessest"
    Last one
    No, really, enough.
    But they asked me to copy and type another word to post my comment, so I did, and I wanted to tell you what the word was, but, now I really don't want to bother with this any more so, this will be the last one I tell you about.
    No more.
    I wish I could post a comment without having to copy and type some stupid word.

  9. My favorite security word so far was "dingle".
    And just so you know Mr. T, you can still type after you've hit "Post Comment" and it gives you your word, just hit the X to close the little window. It will give you the same word after though.

  10. Mr. or Ms. Takineko
    Thank you for this information.
    You are clearly a person of the sciences, although your name sounds much like one of the aforementioned wavy words.
    BTW, "dingle" is a real word, but I don't want to discuss it due to its unclean nature.
    Finally, the wavy word for this comment is "influm."
    Thank you for giving this "closure."

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Mr. T
    I'm a fan of your wrestling and movie career, as well as your cereal.
    Because you are obviously African American, and not Japanese, I will explain my "weeaboo" screen name to you. [also you may want to look up the word "weeaboo"]
    Taki - is a Japanese name, as well as the word for "Waterfall"
    Neko - is the Japanese word for cat.
    [that would be "Mrs." Waterfall-cat by the way]
    And now you know.

    Dingle was my favorite word, because not only was it surprisingly a real word, but it fit the context of my naughty comment at the time.

    Coincidentally, my word for this post is "Wanthou"...

  13. I looked up
    "Someone who is obsessed with Japan/Japanese Culture/Anime, etc. and attempts to act as if they were Japanese, even though they're far from it."
    Whank you very much.
    BTW, I am not Mr. T. I thought you should know this since I don't want you to try to hit me up for free gold chains. Ain't gonna happen.

  14. Well I'm glad you're not Mr. T. I'm tired of tip-toeing around the hair issue. When is he going to change his hair style!? Honestly..