Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I seems my interesting day wasn't as interesting as I thought.

Turns out it probably wasn't Satan outside the window earlier this morning. It was our neighbor, Hans Kibbling, who happens to be a dwarf. Anyway...blah blah blah...he was riding a jackal in circles in our backyard and, I guess, everytime they turned into the light the jackals eyes seemed red and Hans' unkempt morning hair appeared to be horns.

Also, the boxboy at the market who I thought was not of this world just turned out to be Dutch.

So, alas. Perhaps tomorrow something interesting will happen.

Oh, and my wife wanted me to make sure I clarify my thoughts on all Cubans being insane. They're not. Just her relatives.


  1. Well, that answers some questions.. while raising several others..

  2. I find your blog frightening and tragic -- which are the qualities I search for in all my blog-reading pursuits!

    I am SO coming back for more.

    And please -- beware the Dutch!


  3. Well, Takineko...I do live in the San Fernando Valley. Things happen here...strange things. Yes, indeed.

  4. And you were worried you life was uninteresting?

    ~searches for jackal owning laws in California~ Hmm, something's still not adding up here...