Monday, March 23, 2009

April 21st, 2009 - A Day Of Special Magnificence

Yes, not only is that the date the Second (and final) Season of Freakazoid will be released, but it is also the date I shall announce the winner of the Second Froynlaven Reader Participation Challenge.

What? Paul, are you insane? So soon? It seems the First Reader Participation Challenge was only a week ago.

Yes. That's true. But I'm giving everyone a month on this next one. 

The prize is a nice one, too. The winner of said challenge will receive an autographed copy of Freakazoid Season 2. Surely that's worth at least 25,000 dollars! (Don't tell my wife.)

I shall listen to all the entries and pick the top five and allow all readers to judge. If, as happened last time, we only had two entries, I will let you all decide. If we have no entries, I will keep the autographed copy of the season 2 and gloat.

The due date to put these up at You Tube and send me the link will be 9pm on Sunday, April 19th. Reader voting will be on Monday the 20th. The awards ceremony will be on Tuesday, April 21st.

The Challenge:

What would it sound like if Anthony Newley sang the Themesong to Freakazoid?


There will be extra credit if you can work the word, "Dolittle" into the song. You might want to also hire an orchestra. I realize this can be expensive. Perhaps the government will pay for it.

Here's some reference...

There you are my hearty chums.


  1. I am intimidated and excited by this challenge.

    Now, where did I leave that darned orchestra...

  2. Oh no! More voice acting! I can't do that! ~runs in circles~ What do I do what do I do!?!?

  3. Wow...First sing like Ethel Merman day, then talk like William Shatner day, now sing like Anthony Newley. Truly this has been a week of weeks. I'm still holding out for "Grumpy like Slappy Squirrel" day. I would be good at that one.

  4. I can't do that! I'm going off to pout. Or figure out how I can do that... but I'll probably just pout.

  5. SLS,

    I never said it had to be good. Just entertaining. (Which could me just about anything in a nice, ol' Freakazoid kinda way.)


  6. Well, Paul, part of my "can't" is not knowing how to upload a video on Youtube without the sound going out of sync. If you think out of sync audio is entertaining, I just might try it. :)

  7. A chance to own a signed Freakazoid DVD in addition to having joint ownership of a liquified highlighter? Hmmmmmmmmm. Tempting...!

  8. Next: Hello, Lobey as performed by Weena Mercator as Johnny Cash as Woody Allen.

    Time to brush up on me Irish accent.

  9. Paul, with your permission I'll sweeten the pot for those that aren't so musically challenged...?

    The first person to buy the Freakazoid Season Two DVDs, watch all the special features, and answer the following question in a post to the comments on Paul's April 21st blog -

    What profession does Joe Leahy interrupt the program to tell you he performs in addition to being a narrator?

    - shall earn themselves one of the Freakazoid/Tiny Toons Comic-Con posters handed out during the cast/crew signing sent by yours truly.

    If Sir Rugg and Sir McCann are agreeable, I might even have the chance to have them sign it for the lucky winner...

    Is that cool with you, Paul?