Friday, March 20, 2009


In this clip from my interviews with Lord Chittendem in 1979, the gracious member of the Royal Family takes me on a tour of his enormous gardens.


  1. I think I'm responsible for your sudden 3 new subscribers.. [at least 2 of them I'm certain] this makes me proud. ^^

  2. How in the world do you think up these things?! This entire blog is delightfully insane. I'm curious... what sort of dreams do you have while sleeping? Dreams - I think we all know - are very telling of a person's feelings, thoughts and temperament. If this blog is a statement of the normal state of your conscious mind, then what the heck goes on in the subconscious?

    (On a side note: Takineko, are you an aquaintance of mine? That comment above left me curious.)

  3. [I don't think I've met you Stefania, but I posted a comment on DA congratulating Maz and Keeper and then suddenly there are 3 new followers on the blog. 2 of which I recognize from DA]

    Well Paul, I really did email NBC Sports like.. two weeks ago, and tried to sound professional, but they never emailed me back.

    I fail.

  4. I notice Buster is here. I told him that he should participate in the next Reader's Participation Event, so it looks like he has begun reading in order to be eligible! Heheh!


  5. OK, had a chance to listen now.

    Hmmmm... I think that chimpanzees soon will start a rebellion against humanity, because they're sick of being called monkeys.