Thursday, March 5, 2009


As you know, I want to be hired to be the color commentator for the sport of curling at the Winter Olympics.

You'll notice that I've made some temporary changes to the site. It occurred to me that NBC is going to want to make sure I really know curling as much as I say I do. So I've added a bunch of curling stuff in the sidebar. I'm not sure what it all is, but check it out and especially visit the links I've provided to other curling sites on the web. That way, others in the curling community will see that I am not only a fan, but helping build the visibility of curling within the general public. That will reflect well on me.

Also, if you wouldn't mind, when you do comment on one of my posts, try to add something about curling. Something like, "Good blog, Paul. By the way, wasn't that game great last night? Henderson brought the rock into the house like nobody's business." You know. Something like that. Actually, I'm not sure if it's a curling match or a just use both like this: "Wemble was great in the match/game last night."

Also, a special thanks to Takineko. She had her friend Maz call NBC. That's a step in the right direction. But we're going to need more steps like that. Remember to use your script. Here's a link.

I'll get back to the regular blog tomorrow with a new clip from my interviews with Lord Chittendem. 

I'm going to stay home today in case NBC calls. So nobody call me. I don't want to tie up the line.


  1. Do they have your number?
    Make sure if you call the number, to do so after 5pm. I forgot to mention that.

    Bob Clamheart said he wanted to re-design the handle on the Curling rock. I'm thinking he could take the game in a while new direction! Hopefully the same direction the target happens to be in.

  2. I vote 4 U! U R the best curling commentator ever! In the poll in the sidebar, I voted for U 2X (twice), that's how good U R.

    I like curling. It is fun. U R the best at talking about it (curling).

    What do U like to say about curling the most?

    Was curling named after hair? (U know, how hair curls?) Am I close?

    What is curling and Y do U love it so much? (I couldn't read all the stuff you wrote about it since it was too long for me.)

    U R very smart and like curling.

    U should talk about it forever on TV I hope.

    Your friend and fan of curling (probably),

    Zompy Throckmorton
    7 Feebster Way
    Ariadne, Idaho

  3. This post has been removed by the World Curling Febderation for copyright infringement of the WCF logo.

    Thank you and Happy Curling.

  4. I've been trying all day to get 4Chan on board Mr. Rugg. They're just not taking the bait! But they do seem to agree that the idea is epic.

  5. The best I can get out of them is an email address. That's lame..

  6. I forgot to reiterate at lunch today... Canadian curling ladies. That's all I ask.

    And now, two links that I promised:

    Nick Kitinski, our faithful audio man and his Curling club:


    And, of more value, wheelchair hockey fight: