Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A busy day today has precluded me from fulfilling my blogging duties. I am filled with shame. A better blogger would not have been as selfish as I. A better blogger would have mustered up the energy and courage to at least write something. 

It wouldn't have to be much. Just perhaps a small blog about being busy and not having the time.

Alas. I cannot do that. I'm too new to blogging to just sit and  write something like that.

A better blogger would do a quick, little poem. Something like:

I have a fish
His name is Roy
And when he's bad
We feed him poi.

But when he's good
That lucky fish
He gets to eat
His favorite dish.

The dish he eats
That happy boy
Also happens 
To be poi.

Yeah. If I were a good blogger who doesn't have much time to blog I'd do a poem like that. But I'm not.

A better blogger who longs to be hired by NBC to be the color commentator for the sport of curling at the winter Olympics would try to do a little something to move that dream forward. He'd remind everyone to continue calling NBC. He'd say he's still learning what the broom and mop thingies are for. Alas, I may love curling, but I am not that good at off-the-cuff blogging yet.

So forgive me. Tomorrow I shall blog again.


  1. This poem, and your plight, brings a tear to my eye.

    At least, I think it's my eye.

  2. I'm dissapointed there's no blog today, but happy to see you changed your mind about peotry.

    As I was typing that, my nose suddenly gushed blood all over the place. It must be because I missed thar Curling game/match last night.

  3. that* not thar, darn my southern upbringing..