Wednesday, March 18, 2009



  1. What -- no gift certificates to Papaya Queen?

    Your wife is a good sport to get involved in your silliness! My fiancée just says, "Remind me: Why am I marrying you?"

  2. Right now I'm representing both Taki (who won't be online until Friday) and me when I say this is the greatest thing ever. Also, for a moment at the beginning I thought our prize was going to be a trip to a chocolate factory. I was sorely let down. That would have been fun.

  3. Hmm, well, I have toured a chewing-gum factory...

  4. Eric O. Costello (for Michael Mink)March 18, 2009 at 3:14 PM

    The moral of the story:

    The Cuban Lady is Always Right.

  5. [Hurray I got the internet a day early!]

    That was awesomely hilarious and awesome! Best Blig ever! It should be your job!

    I think maybe you married your wife for her accent. You just wanted to hear that all day, didn't you? She was very funny, she might have a shot with Warners herself.

    Hey wait.. "I don't wanna work at Warner Brothers." That sounded bitter. Did they hurt you Paul? Show us where Warner Brothers put the boot, Paul. :C

  6. You know, it's great to be a woman. When we don't like something, all we have to do is raise our voices. We don't have to try to gain intellectual supremacy - we don't even have to make sense when we want something. Eventually, we get our way simply because we know the art of how to aggravate men.

  7. Hi Paul,
    My 16 year old daughter and 12 year old son have become fast fans of yours. I think you're pretty funny too. The only thing I don't find plausible is your last name. It falls into the same category as Kevin Bacon.
    Certainly you would skyrocket to stardom with a new last name or you could just skip it all together and be PAUL. You could even do a sitcom with your wife called "I Love Paul", starring PAUL and his zany cuban wife who also happens to be a band leader.

    The above is a joke and your last name is great. Your nephew Mark West is a good friend of the family and suggested we brighten up our gray North Idaho winters with the comedy stylings of Paul Rugg.

    Thanks for the sunshine

  8. Hehe! 'Grats Maz and Keeper! I really need to take the time to go back and read the previous entries. I'm a big fan of you Paul, and how can I ignore a blog called Froynlaven??