Thursday, March 26, 2009

Professional Show Business Puppetry Stuff


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  2. Believe it or not, my mother taught me similar finger exercises. Thanks mom!

    I WAS wondering about the background there. I thought you had shrunk or something.. it looked like car apolstry.. but was confusing me.

    I started to cringe while watching this because I thought you were going to show off your freakish double jointed fingers.. ~shutter~

  3. It's always great to watch the "behind the scenes" footage. It shows you that all the people who you think are just soooo great are really after all just...people.
    (Oh, not that you're NOT great, though, I didn't mean that. But the fatigue you experienced during the finger exercise shows that you are, indeed, just...a person.) Wow...

  4. I can feel the burn, ja! Maybe thimble could help pump it up more!

    And that swift flat-palm application to the face is indeed a helpful pick-me-up. Thanks for the great tips! =D

  5. LOL! Great video! At first I thought you were in some kind of ride at a theme park or something. You know those 3D rides where your seat is moving. Can't wait to see the puppetry project!